Pickled Babes and Dudes Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter Number 1

Pickled BD

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Pickled Babes and Dudes Tournament February 10, 2016

We will be having a Pickled Babes and Dudes round robin tournament on Wednesday Feb. 10 at Manatee. Please arrive at 1:45 to sign up with your partner. You can line up your partner ahead of time.

We will only be able to take 36 players. You will play 8 matches, one against each team in your flight. If we have time there is be a finals, with the winners from the two flights.

We will be using all 6 courts so if you don't want to be in the tournament, please play at another rec center.

Contact Leslie Estroff for details.

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Monthly Dinner

Thanks to Chris McCool and Linda Falmlen for taking over our Monthly dinners.

You should have received an evite for the February 15 dinner - if you did not, please email one of them.


Monday, February 15 - TooJays-Brownwood
Thursday, March 10 - Square One Burgers
Monday, April 11 - WaterFront Inn
Monday, May 16 - Mezza Luna

5:00 Cocktails
5:30 Dinner

Babes Monthly Luncheons

Our next two luncheons are:

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016

12:30 pm

Latinos y Mas

2030 S Pine Ave

Ocala, Fl

We will meet at Walgreens at 466A and Powell Rd at 11:30 am to car pool.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Contact Jan

Thank you one and all!!

Thanks to all attended the "Picture Party." and a HUGE thank-you to David Weston on videotaping the entire event with a drone!
Pickled BD 2016

Pay Forward

Some people have asked about giving more money to charity. If you are interested in this, we would like to set up a committee to lead this. A very SMALL committee to move us to the next level.

Website and group details

We are at 444 members, with over 15,800 hits on our website. Growing and involved. Congrats!

Playing Times

We will have different play times starting Feburary 1, 2016


Mon—Manatee 8:00-11:50 am
Tue--Burnsed 8:00-11:50 am STARTING 2/2
Wed--Burnsed 8:00-11:50 am STARTING 2/3

Thu—Manatee 8:00-11:50 am
Fri--Burnsed 8:00-11:50 am STARTING 2/5

Sat—Manatee 8:00-11:50 am

Sun—Manatee 8:00-11:50 am

Mon—Manatee 2:00-3:50 (reserved)
Mon—Eisenhower 4:00-5:50 (reserved)
Tue--Manatee 5:00-dusk**
Wed—Manatee 2:00-3:50 (reserved)
Thu--Manatee 2:00-3:50 (reserved)
Fri--Manatee 2:00-3:50 (reserved)
Sat—Big Cypress 4:00-5:50 pm
Sun—Big Cypress 4:00-5:50 pm

Social Events


Cruise - January 2017

We did not get the twenty-five rooms to make the trip affordable, Maybe in the future.

Pickled Babes and Dudes Bling

Hats, Visors, Shirts

NEW ORDER for 2016!

The hats visors and shirts are in and are being distributed on the courts. Thanks Gene Maus. Look for a new order in March.

Who: Gene and Mary Maus, (636) 295-1481 or eugenemaus@yahoo.com

Social Media


I have created a Facebook page for those on Facebook. Please join!

Complete list of everyone in Pickled Babes and Dudes

I will be password protecting our PB and D site to include all the contact information. Look for the password in the November newsletter, along with the password, If you need the contact information now, just email me.