Our e-twinning project


We have worked telling folktales from different countries, such us Romania, Bulgaria, Turky, Greece and our own, Spain. We shared our stories.

There is no better way to learn than among other cultures.

Families were involved in the project

We also wanted the views of families throught the opinion questionnaire

The tales

Plastic and Visual Expression: Picture stories

You will be able to see how did our artistic productions. We have seen, after each activity, the others work.


We had gone to act out one of the stories. We chose the Turkish tale, The man who was a liar.

The story is told through our bodies and though the expression of our face. The children have felt the emotions in order to transmit to the public. Some of them have expressions sadness, neglect, joy, sloth or even disbelief.

We have seen that is possible to tell a story without oral language. Friends from other countries with different languages can understand us through our bodies and facial expression.

My little actors and actresses have pondered the possibility of telling a story and be understood without speaking.

The man who was a liar