Albert Einstein

By Jocelyne Lira

Who is Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicists who made many breakthroughs in physics. He dropped out of school when he was 15, but went back and earned his degree in the year 1900. His discoveries chaged people's point of views during the 1920s

What Did Albert Einstein Do?


Theory of Relativity!!!! (E=mc2)

There was actually two theories. . .

Special Relativity:

Which states that it is impossible to tell if you are moving unless there's another object in the room you can base it off of. Also, that the speed of light is always constant.

The Theory of General Relativity:

Which states that it is impossible to tell a moving objects inertia or gravity. It also states that large objects causes the outer space to bend.

How did Einsteins Breakthroughs Change Peoples Lives?

With the theory of relativity Einstein was able to construct the first ever atomic bomb. Not only that but with Einsteins discoveries he was able to make people think more logically. And received a Noble Prize for Physics in 1921.

Why did Einstein Study Physics?

Because he liked it! As a young boy Einstein took great interest in math and science, and always studied it on his own downtime. Believe it or not, but Einstein was never a good student in school. He didn't respect his teachers, and was considered stupid because he didn't think as quick as the others. But in reality he was always doing problems mentaly, and as the years went by his mental skills developed and led him to be a very succesful man.


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