By: Ashleigh Garcia, Gabby Rose, and Payton Dorzweiler

When is Christmas celebrated

This paragraph is about when Christmas is celebrated. Christmas is celebrated on Thursday,December 25. People celebrate Christmas Eve the day before, which is December 24. This is when Christmas is celebrated.

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Who celebrates Christmas

This paragraph is all about who celebrates Christmas. Americans who believe in Jesus,christ are the son’s of God. The religion is christian . Most people say prayers by the fire. Now you know all about who celebrates Christmas.
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What do people do during Christmas

This paragraph is about what people do during Christmas. People make cookies and milk for Santa,they get the tree and decorate it. People wrap presents and put it under the tree. Finally they go to bed. Santa comes and brings presents,when they wake up they tar it up as fast as they can and they see what it is. Christmas joy from every one all around the world. That is all about what people do during Christmas.
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History from the past

This is all about history from now and the past. Americans may have made some changes in the way they celebrated Christmas over the years, but some important traditions like friends and family remain the same. According to a few research center survey conducted earlier this month among a representative sample of 2,001 adults nationwide,nine out of every 10 Americans celebrate Christmas. That was the history from the past Christmases.

fun fact's

All the gifts on the twelve days of Christmas equal 364 gifts.

Christmas trees have been sold since 1850.

Christmas trees grow for 15 years before they are sold.

Some of the Christmas song are deck the hall, frosty the snow man,jingle bells, we wish you a merry Christmas.

vocabulary words

1. celebrates is you have a party or a holiday or celebrated is if you did it in the past.

2. decorate is you make the tree look like you want.

3. christian is a religion.