Madonna School Updates

May 2nd - May 6th 2016

We Celebrate in May

The month of May offers much to celebrate. We honour Mary in a special way, often through the crowning of statues of Mary, in recognition of her role as Queen of all Saints. Additionally, the Easter season comes to a close with the feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost. Our home parish, OLPH, will also celebrate First Eucharist with many of our school students. Additionally, we will join together and pray the Living Rosary as a community. We hope that you can attend this event – Wednesday May 18th, beginning at 9:00am in the school gym.

As the weather gets warmer and days are longer, help your children to maintain good sleep patterns by using room darkening drapes and keeping a consistent bedtime. We are noticing that children experience more stress and anxiety at this time of the year. Maintaining a consistent bedtime routine such as a warm bath, a story and even essential oils in their room, such as lavender, will help them sleep well and be able to meet challenges at school with more success.

Watch for the May Newsletter coming out next week