Evolution of Communication

What is communication?

Communication is the process of creating and exchanging meaning through symbolic interaction. This can be done two different ways.

  1. Nonverbal: using sounds or actions to communicate
  2. Verbal: writing or speaking words

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Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal Communication came first because our ancestors did not have linguistics and had to convey their messages through sounds, actions, and drawings.

We can see this in the cave drawings from 30,000BC, the petroglyphs from 10,000BC, and pictograms from 9,000BC.

All three of these forms of communication were in artistic form. The cave drawings were painted murals on cave walls, while the petroglyphs were carvings into rocks, and pictograms were the start of associating an image with an idea.

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Verbal Communication

As time went on our ancestors began to create linguistics which led to the different languages we speak and write today.

We begin to see this 2700BC when writing first appeared and see it evolve into the alphabet in about 1700BC. Although we know it doesn't stop there because we have come a very long way since then. Between now and then we had the invention of the Printing Press in 1450AD, the Typewriter in 1714, the Telegraph in 1831, and Morse Code in 1832. But as we know, it doesn't end there. We continue to see inventions such as the first Telephone in 1876, the first Computer in 1951, and the Internet in 1973. It wasn't until 40 years afterward that Skype was created and gave us the capability to call people from their computers.

The Printing Press: invented by Gutenburg, in 1450, allowed for the printing of the first full length Bible.

The Typewriter: invented by Henry Mill in 1714, who received the first patent for the typewriter.

The Telegraph: invented by Joseph Henry, in 1831.

Morse Code: invented by Samuel Morse, in 1832.

The Telephone: invented by Alexander Graham Bell, in 1876.

The Computer (UNIVAC I): invented by Remington Rand, in 1951. Was the first mass produced electronic computer.

The Internet: invented in 1973.

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