propaganda posters

by: camille craddock

what were propaganda posters?

americans were not eager to join the war, so propaganda posters were made to encourage men to enlist. propaganda posters also targeted women to work to help the war, food issues during world war one, and other topics like war bonds. propaganda posters always were very patriotic to encourage.
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The Story behind Rosie the Riveter

rosie the riveter

propaganda technique: band wagon

targeted audience: women at home during the war

citizenship: women needed to work to help the war

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do with less- so they'll have enough

targeted audience: people at home and not fighting in the war. food supply was scarce in the war. this poster is telling people to only eat what they need, so that the soldiers will have enough food. this issue was very well known during world war 1. technique: glittering generality
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victory bond

victory bonds were purchased by people to help pay for the war during world war one. this poster targets fathers or other people to buy a victory bond. children were used a lot in propaganda posters because children were a good marketing tool. technique: plain folks
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what did you do?

this poster was used to target men who were not fighting in the war, or who have not yet enlisted. the children are asking their father what he contributed to in the war. men whom did not enlist would not have anything to tell to their children about the war. this poster tells men to join so they'll have something to tell their children. the situation has a very patriotic feel. posters had anything on them that would encourage men to enlist in the war. technique: plain folks
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red cross

women worked for the red cross as nurses in the war. the nurses cared for the wounded soldiers in the war. this poster targets the women saying that if they fail, the soldier will die. nurses were very important in world war one. many women worked as nurses to contribute to the war. technique: glittering generality
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army strong

the propaganda technique used in this poster is testimonial. this poster is very different from the posters in world war one. women are now accepted and respected for their service in the military. the target of this poster is u.s. citizens. the citizenship used in this poster is that the army is the strongest power there is and nationalism. you have to have courage and strength to take part in the army.