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What Will Educating ELL Students Look Like in 10 Years?

Crystal Ball Predictions: What Will Education for ELL Students Look Like in 10 Years? By: Larry Ferlazzo

Freehold Learning Center ELL Success Stories!


Most Improved ESL Student in PreK is.........Jairo M.!

Jairo has grown so much since September! He came into PreK with limited English language skills and a shy personality. Throughout the school year he has been working so hard to develop his English language skills, his peer friendships and his letter sounds especially when he is writing his Play Plans. He will be entering kindergarten with a love of learning, a vast English vocabulary and a great understanding of letter sounds.

Way to go Jairo! We are so proud of you!

Suzanne Acque


"Students in bilingual kindergarten are reading and writing! They are all ready for first grade!"

Rina Fattorusso

" Our newcomer student is drawing and labeling items that begin with the letter C. Students are also learning about insects and writing all about them!"

Isabel Goodman

" We have had a busy few weeks observing and documenting the lifecycle of the butterfly! We also learned about the anatomy and symmetry of a butterfly body. We had a fun day releasing them outside!"

Cheryl O'Donnell

Big picture

"We started the year labeling pictures and today we’re writing full sentences using describing words! My class is definitely ready for first grade!!!"

Maria Scanniello

First Grade

"My students learned how to answer and write in complete sentences."

Carmela Becerra

"We learned how to write about a butterfly's life cycle!"

Meghan Gibson

"Students in bilingual first grade went from writing short sentences to writing paragraphs! We learned all about the ocean habitat. We also did a sea turtle study and used graphic organizers!"

Lynette Palmieri

Big picture

" We went from reading words to using character traits to describe Frog and Toad based on evidence in the story! "

Jenna Piccolomini

Second Grade

" Ian has made so much growth in writing this year. At the beginning of the year he would write one sentence and now he's writing pages!!"

Stephanie Amador

"Second grade ESL students have made incredible progress this year. They have worked hard and have shown growth in all four language domains."

Elena Hagan

"Students went from using the word bank to writing short sentences in the fall to using the word bank and writing paragraphs in the spring! "

Jillian Lazaro


Big picture

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