all about me

My name is Caden michael baird


I am 14's old


i was born in Topeka, Kansas, then moved to Kansas city, Kansas then moved to here in Texas
the two sides of my family is my grandpas which is Scottish and my grandmas which is Italian. my great grandma rose De gennaro where she was born in molfetta, Italy in the province of Bari. then she immigrated to Brooklyn, new york city with her family. and on my grandpas side- Randy Baird his side of the family immigrated to the united states when England conquered Scotland.
my favorite food is steak and fries
my favorite place in the world would probably be Italy. because I've heard the have the best bread and i love bread and i love the buildings there.
my favorite quote is - an eye for an eye makes the world blind
one of my pet peeves is when I'm in my room and i"m comfortable and someone walks in and leaves and then leaves the door open and then i have to get up and shut it.

why i joined culinary

i know it sounds really normal but a reason was that i lied to cook. plus even if it does not work out its still a good skill to have in this world. i also like to see the persons reaction when they try the food