A big problem in America

How homelessness can occur

Homelessness is a big issue in america. It can occur in many different ways. Including: not having a job or losing your job and cant find work, teens running away from home, people leaving home because of violence or abuse, people cant afford a home and other reasons that america could fix by making housing affordable and offering more jobs.

Movie based on true story

The movie the pursuit of happyness is a movie about chris gardner who became homeless because he wasntmaking enough money to support him and his son. Then he got a good job and made good money and turned his life around. So it is possible for homeless people in america to not be homeless anymore if the government would make housing more affordable and supplied more jobs. Then we might be able to bring america out of homlessness.
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The real Chris gardner

Chris gardner had struggled wit being homeless and trying to raise his son. He applied to be a trainee at a stockbroker company Dean Witter Reynolds. He worked extra hard at doing well by getting there early and staying late.Then he took the series 7 exam and passed on his first try and became an employee.