grammar class by Skyler and David

Grammar 101

Prepositonal Phrase

  1. All prepositional phrases begin with a preposition
  2. A prepositional phrase ends with a noun

Example - The dog went through a door.

Participle phrase

A participle phrase is when an adjective that modifies the noun acts as a verb.

It tells why you're doing what you are doing

I saw the man running for the bus.

Appositive phrase

A phrase that adds to the description of the sentences

when added use of comma is required at the beginning or end of the phrase.

Example-The grandma went to the store.

Example- The grandma,with nose, ear, and lip rings and tattoos on her arm, drove on a motorcycle to the store.

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Their are 2 types of clauses.

Independent clauses

are independent sentences.

Example-I like pie.

Dependent clauses

are clauses that need other sentences to be complete.

Example -Although I like to eat pie, I like to eat geese more.


There are three types of sentences.

Complex sentences

Are sentences that use articles.

Compound sentences

Are sentences that use FANBOYS.

Simple sentences

Is one sentence by itself.

Compound Complex Sentences

Are sentences that have compound sentences with a dependent clause at the end, middle or beginning.

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