Counseling Corner

Monthly Update

November Recap

November was a very productive month for the Counseling Department. We were able to wrap up our mandatory Erin's Law lessons. Thank you all for being so flexible and cooperative in scheduling those with us. Our monthly lessons went very well. We focused on Habit #2 Begin with the End In Mind, specifically as we make plans for our future careers.

Mrs. Beasley's November Activities

Classroom Lessons: 36 classes; 25 hours

Individual Counseling: 50 students; 17.5 hours

Group Counseling: 14 groups; 9 hours

Consultations: 37 consultees; 11 hours

Meetings: 16 total

Mrs. Genoble's November Activities

16 classroom lessons- 11 hours

Individual Counseling- 28 sessions- 9 hours and 40 min.

7 Small groups- 5 hours

20 Consultations- 3 hours and 10 min.

10 meetings total


Monthly Guidance Lessons

This month, we will be focusing on Habit #4: Think Win-Win. We will be working on how to balance the courage of what we want with the consideration of what other's want. If we try, we can come up with a solution where everyone wins!

K&1: Due to Christmas break, we will only meet with your classes once this month. During our time together, we will read One Big Pair Of Underwear. This book focuses on how sharing and creative thinking are essential to Thinking Win-Win, and sometimes your new solution is even BETTER than the one you had in mind.

2-4: Our focus this month will be on Social Skills and specifically the Emotional Bank Account. The Emotional Bank Account fits seamlessly with the money system that you all have implemented. Every interaction we make with others is either a Deposit or a Withdrawal, even when it is not intentional. We will be reading Well, I Can Top That, a story about a boy name Brad who can't help but brag. Bragging is never a deposit!

5th: After Christmas, we will be shifting our focus to Middle School Transition Lessons. This month we will be talking more about that transition, and reading the story Don't Be Afraid to Drop. Your classes will have the opportunity to really think about what Middle School will be like, what their expectations are, and how they can prepare.

Small Group Wrap-Up

Our first semester Small Groups will be wrapping up the week before Christmas Break. We are so sad that these have come to an end. We have had a very fun and productive semester together!

Spring Small Groups: During the Spring, we will be offering Small Groups focusing on Anger for Kindergarten-5th. We will also select new students for our Academic Small Groups. Please be thinking about students in your classes that you would like to refer for Small Group!

Giving Tree

If you receive any more WHITE forms, please put them in Mrs. Beasley's box ASAP! We are getting very close to the cutoff of date, and we would like to help as many children and families as possible.

When you receive GREEN forms, please give these to Mrs. McCain or place them in her box. She has a wonderful, organized system to keep up with all of the green forms!

Julie Valentine Visit

Just a reminder to 4th grade:

Julie Valentine will be coming on December 18th from 9:30-12pm. Mrs. Beasley will be placing "Opt-Out" letters in your box this week. These will need to go home to parents in next Monday's folder. Should parents have questions, please direct them to Mrs. Beasley.