The Viking View - Families

Monday December 7th


It was so wonderful to see so many students last Friday during our assembly. There were so many smiling faces and some pretty sweet dance moves during our dance party! All of the staff here needed it and I hope your students enjoyed it as well. I know some students had a challenging time attending, We have the problem solved the issue on our end and have fixed the problem. I apologize for any frustration or angst it may have caused you or your students.

We have a few weeks left before our well-deserved winter break. Please remember that there is school every day. You students all have ZOOm Rooms that they can participate in. Encourage your student to ask questions, advocate for themselves, ask for help, and turn in their assignments. Each teacher on this campus is working very hard to ensure that there is meaningful learning occurring. If you or your student are having a difficult time logging into a ZOOM or completing an assignment please reach out to your child's teacher so they still get credit for their attendance and participation.

We all appreciate the work you are doing at home and are so grateful to have you on our team.

Thank you very much,

Principal Williams

Scholars of the week

Here are this week's Scholars of the Week! We appreciate you and all you are doing to do your best in our ZOOM School. You all have been participating, completing assignments, and asking for help. Keep up the good work and come to the Assembly on Friday to see who is our Scholars of the Month!

Yelsid Martinez, Ariana Rueda Cabrera, Luis Herrera Santos,Lizeth Martinez Sandoval, Angelina Gallardo,Kareem Williams, Allison Davalos Ochoa,Camila Duran,Keidon-Lee Morfin , Rosita Gomez,Selena Martinez Torres ,Christopher Sandoval Valadez,Randy Villegas Hernandez, Sophia Marcelo,Allyson Garcia, Maliza Kien,Dyami Soaring Eagle Harnden,Anuska Poudel, Linda Vasquez,Selena Tirado ,Ashley Lozano,Emma Agudo ,Sean Waldron,Muhammad Moosa,Gia Walker,Daniela Lozano ,Jose Sandoval,Gael Rizo,Elizabeth Hernandez,Keyaun Williams & Brayden Roe

Scholars of the week Monday 12/7

Return to School Update

Our Superintendent, Dr. Diann Kitamura, continues to push out updates on Parent Square on Wednesdays weekly and then any other time there is timely information to share. On December 3rd there was an update sent via Parent Square where she let us all know that we are preparing for a hybrid model where we will have some students on campus, but this is in the future. At this time our district is projecting that this may happen as early as February, but no sooner.

Click here to be taken to the district website where all district updates are saved.
What this means is that we will be in Distance Learning until it is safe to set a date for an in person hybrid model. At this time our county is still in the Purple Tier, which is the most restrictive. I know that this is hard to hear for some of our families, but we will continue to work together to make Distance Learning as successful as possible. I appreciate all of our families, teachers, staff, AND students as they work hard to make Distance Learning work.

Winter Break

We will have no online classes during the Winter Break. Winter Break is Dec 21st-Jan 4th. Our first day back after the Winter Break will be Tuesday, January 5th in the year 2021.

We saw that many of our families had a hard time getting back in the routine after the Fall Break. We recommend getting your student back onto their school sleep schedule at least 4 days before we start back up.

Fill out the survey below it is underlined in blue!

Dear Families,

It is our hope we will be able to offer in-person classes when County health conditions allow. As we prepare for the safe return to school, SRCS has developed, with input, two possible schedules for the return of elementary students.

Linked here is a survey that shares the proposed schedules and asks some questions that will help us better understand the needs of our families. Please click on the survey and complete it.

Nominate one of our Steele Lane Teachers!

Nominate a special public school or public charter school teacher in your life with the form below. Each month we’ll review the submissions and choose one teacher to honor, based on the number of individual nominations they receive as well as the quality of teaching described in the nominations (details about amazing teaching strategies, stories about how the teacher went above and beyond, etc.) The lucky teacher will receive a plaque in recognition of this award and $500 school supply gift card!

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