Record - Then Link

Soundcloud allows a user to create a recording then provides a web address or link to access the recording. The resulting link can then be used in conjunction with other applications or projects.

Step 1:

Create an account by going to Our students will use their Gaggle email address and their school password - typed in twice with no spaces. Our 5 character passwords are too short.

Verify your account by going to the Seminole homepage and clicking on the Gaggle icon at the bottom of the page. Log into your Gaggle account. You should have an email waiting with a link to click on to verify that your email is correct.

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Step 2:

Do not select any music files from this screen as it will only cloud up your stream. Click on the orange soundcloud icon in the upper left corner.

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Step 3:

To record, click on the upload tab.

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Then click on the "start new recording" button. From here select the red "rec" button. Once you are finished recording, the options are to start over or upload your recording. After selecting "upload recording", give the recording a title and leave all of the other settings the way they are. You MUST click SAVE at the bottom of the page in order for the recording to appear in your stream!! You will have to scroll down to see "save".

Step 4:

Click the share button to retrieve the link to your soundcloud. This link can then be used in other applications.
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