Social Emotional Learning

With Mrs. Konja

December Safety Lesson

Students will learn:

  • Who is a stranger?
  • Who is a safe adult?
  • What is an emergency?
  • How do you use a strong voice if someone is hurting you?
  • 5 Safety Rules
  1. Know What's Up- The importance of knowing your personal information such as parent's real names, phone numbers, and address in case of an emergency.
  2. Spot Red Flags- Looking for warning signs that a person or situation is unsafe.
  3. Make a Move- If you are in a situation that is unsafe get away and stay away.
  4. Talk it Up- If something is wrong it is okay to say no and tell an adult. We will discuss the difference between reporting and tattling again too.
  5. No Blame No Shame- If a child is ever hurt it is important for them to know it is not their fault and it's never too late to tell an adult.

Zones of Regulation

We will be focusing on the Red Zone in December/January. We will learn:

  • What feelings are included in the Red Zone?
  • What our body does when we are in the Red Zone?
  • What are some triggers that put us in the Red Zone?
  • What do other people feel when we are in the Red Zone?

Red Zone

The Red Zone sign is the stop sign because sometimes when we are in the Red Zone we lose control.

Some feelings in the Red Zone include:

  • Mad
  • Anger
  • Yelling
  • Hitting
  • Out of Control
Big picture

Winter Coats

If your child does not have a winter coat, hat, and gloves please let me know.