Learn about Potassium & how you need it! Made by: Nick Vach

Basic information!

  • Potassium symbol is "K"
  • The atomic number is 19
  • The atomic weight is 39.0098
  • Potassium is in group 4 and period 1
  • Silvery white is the color of potassium and it is a metal

History within your element!

  • Discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy at England in 1807
  • Potassium relates to its Latin name known as Kalium
  • Potassium was not recognized until Sodium and Potassium were different
  • Potassium was first metal to be isolated by using high levels of electric currents called electrolysis!

Potassiums uses to benefit you!

  • Potassium salts for plants and animals
  • Vegetables has potassium in it!
  • Potassium is found in soils!

What is potassium?

  • Seventh most abundant metal
  • essential element for plant growth!
  • very reactive and never found free in nature!
  • found in humans and is very important

Potassium is in you!

  • Major element inside cell fluids
  • Essential to nerve and heart function
  • In a lot of human diet

Where is Potassium found?

  • Makes up 1.5% amount of weight to the earth’s crust
  • Found in seawater
  • In Germany USA, it is found as minerals known as potash
  • minerals as sylvite, carnalite, and langbeinite are found in very old lakes and sea beds

What is potassium like?

  • Very soft and easily can be cut with a knife
  • combustible with oxygen which means it will catch fire when in contact with oxygen

Interesting facts!

  • Lilac colored flame when in contact with oxygen
  • Must be stored with oil to not react with oxygen
  • One of the most reactive metals
  • Besides lithium it is the least dense metal