Vespers Rising

Book 11 of The 39 Clues

Part 2-6

The main characters is Gideon Cahill, Madeleine Cahill, Grace Cahill, Amy and Dan Cahill, Damien Vesper, and Casper Wyoming. Gideon Cahill is the one who created the Master Serum. He has 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls. Gideon Cahill’s children are part of the Master Serum plus his children’s names are in the branches of the Master Serum. Amy and Dan Cahill are brother and sister. Amy is 14 in the book and Dan is 11. Amy and Dan Cahill are protectors of the 39 clues. Damien Vesper is the head of the Vespers. He is known by Vesper 1. Damien Vesper is extremely dangerously. Gideon Cahill and Damien Vesper is in 1507, Madeleine Cahill is in 1526, Grace Cahill is in 1942, Amy & Dan Cahill and Casper Wyoming is in the present times. The places of the main action is in Cahill Island, Ireland; London, United Kingdom; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Casablanca, Morocco; Boston; & Switzerland.

“Casper spoke. “ The ring. That’s all we want.” “ It’s stuck,” Amy told Casper withdrew a long, glittering knife. “ Darling that isn’t a problem.” Wyoming dug in his poles and took off. The skier changed direction and flew after him. Amy saw gray hair sticking cut from the close-fitting wool hat. The amazing skier was Fiske! Meanwhile, ahead of Wyoming, Bruno kept sliding. He must have hit an icy patch of snow. the mystery snowboarder was bearing down on him. When suddenly Bruno disappeared. He was there one moment and then gone. The snowboarder immediately turned his board and stopped. It was too late for Wyoming. He was flying so fast on the ice that he went airborne for a moment and then he, too, disappeared. Before heading home, they’d gone to the best watchmaker in Geneva. The ring was now part of her a gold circle for the blacked-faced watch. She had protected the ring, and she would keep it safe. They’d defeated the Vespers. Erasmus had passed a message to Fiske that they’d gone underground again… for now. There was evidence that Casper Wyoming had escaped the fate of his companion. His was still out there.” (Pg. 231 -237).

“Beware the Madrigal”(114). The quote is important to the novel because the Vespers was aware of the Madrigals when it became a new branch of the Cahills in 1526. This quote is important to real life because we have to be aware of terrorism like ISIS.

This book teaches me to defend the clues that found, protecting a family ring and the world, & not to go into terrorism.



Damien Vesper

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