Bonkowske Bulletin

Morganton Day School Jr. Kindergarten February 17-21

Dates to Remember

2/17 Teacher/Portfolio Workday NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

2/18 Valentine Celebration (10:45 in the Great Room)

2/21 Field Trip to Discovery Kids- Huntersville (sign up below!)

2/27 State of the School Parent Meeting

3/4-3/5 Student Led Parent-Teacher Conferences in the afternoon (half day for all students)

3/28 Teacher/Portfolio Workday NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS (Possible Snow Day Make-Up...will keep you posted)

4/4 Field Trip to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC

5/6 Field Trip to Tweetsie Letterland

What's Happening in Jr. Kindergarten

It was a cold and snowy week, full of fun in the classroom and outside! While we missed a couple of days of school, we still got a lot accomplished, and I know that they made some wonderful snow memories outside which we believe is so important also. This week, we learned about the letters Ss and Vv, and the sounds that they make through songs, shared reading and hunting for our letter of the week in print. The students are also developing their motor strength and skills each day, and they are enjoying practicing writing their letters on white boards.

In math, we continued working with numerals and shapes through different games. In particular, we explored where numbers are in our world. We began in our classroom, where they noticed numbers on the clock, calendar, etc. We then took a walk around the school with our math journals and wrote/draw where we saw numbers. They discovered the room numbers above the doors of each classroom and even noticed that they had a pattern. They found numbers on boxes, books, and even on the school alarm keypad. So, don't be surprised if they start pointing out numbers everywhere you go now! :0)

For our Unit of Inquiry, we kicked off our new unit on Community Helpers. We began by discussing what a community helper is by looking at books and models. We charted what the students already knew about community helpers on our IB board. This will be an exciting unit as we look at our great little town and what it has to offer. It will be extended outside the classroom this Friday, as we explore Discovery Kids in Huntersville. Please don't forget to sign up to chaperone. We would love to share this fun day with you! :0)


Next week, we will be working on two consonants "Ww" and "Xx," as we near the end of our alphabet. We will learn about their sound through songs, shared reading and other activities. Please continue to support their learning at home by pointing out letters we have covered so far (which is all of them except Yy and Zz) when you see them and ask them what sound they make, or brainstorm words that start with that sound. Back by popular demand, I have embedded the link to our letters Ww and Xx songs in the newsletter this week. :0) I have also embedded the link below of a website called Starfall that is great to reinforce what they are learning in JK. It offers many literacy activities for all levels and is absolutely free! I have completed middle of the year assessments and I will get back to checking letter sounds, predictable/decodable books and snappy words this week! :0) Please continue to work on their February writing homework each night and turn it in to me at the end of the month. Thanks for all that you do!

Alphabet Art

Ana gave our new alphabet stencils a try in the art center this week. Not only did she practice motor skills, she also practiced putting her letters in the right order. Way to go, Ana!
Letter W Song
Letter X Song


In math, we will continue our development of number recognition and representing numbers in many different ways. We will continue our Math Stations with some familiar games. We will also make a paper bag house with their address on the outside, as we discuss numbers in our world. This will also tie into our Unit of Inquiry when we begin to discuss the job of a Police Officer and Firefighter, and how knowing your address can help in an emergency. Home Connection: Please continue to work with your child at home on writing and recognizing their numbers one through 20, as well as counting to 30.

Playing and Learning

Reid and Mathias worked collaboratively to build a castle in the block center this week. They are learning so much about spatial relations, three dimensional shapes and team work. Way to go, Reid and Mathias!

Unit of Inquiry

We will be starting a new Unit of Inquiry this week and we will be focusing on Community Helpers. This week, since the snow slowed us down a bit, we will continue to learn about what a Dentist does to help people in our community, as well as the tools that he/she uses. We will read books, develop Inquiry questions and begin to explore the mouth and why we need the different parts of our mouth. We will also discuss how to take care of your teeth and sort good foods from harmful foods that cause cavities. This will be the start of a fun unit full of exploration and meaningful learning.

Routines and Information

This week, I will be sending home Take Home Folders and Planners. In these folders you will find work that your child has completed at school along with any information I need to send home each day, including homework. The left side is labeled "Left at home" and the right side is labeled "Right back to school." Please try to remember to send the folder back each day. For the month of February, I will have sent home a short writing homework calendar. I have noticed that we need a little extra practice than our short day allows for. With that being said, I do not want homework to be frustrating for them at their age, so all I ask is that you do the best you can. I appreciate any help you can offer! Please note that in the morning there is a new red bin to place their planners and folders in. Thanks!

I have submitted our January book order. Since I forgot to send home February book orders (whoops!) watch for those this week. I am extending that deadline for them to be returned. They are due back to me by Wednesday, 2/26.

On Tuesday, February 18th, we will have a small Valentine celebration. As you drop off your child, if you have time, please help them place their valentines in the mail trucks outside our classroom. If you do not have time, I will be there to help also! Then, at 10:45 we will have a little celebration in the Great Room where the kids can eat a special treat and look through their mail trucks. Many of you brought your valentines Friday and I have them in a tub right by our classroom door. If you did not, here is a class list you can use as you help your child prepare his/her Valentines. If you'd like a hard copy, please just send me an email and I will be happy to provide one.

Ana Sic

Ethan Joyner

Aida Ruechel

Jackson Zook

Katherine Harrison

Zakry Daniels

Katherine Bailey

Reid Buchanan

Mathias Collett

Ella Loomis

Aidan Hoy

Carter Johnson

Emma Shores


A few of you have sent in your envelopes for our 100th day Paper Balloon project. If you have not, please remember to send those in this week, addressed and ready to be mailed. We can't wait to see how far across the globe our balloons travel!

Special Thanks

A special thank you to Amy Buchanan for bringing Valentine cake pops for the kids last Friday. Please see the new link below to sign up to volunteer in our classroom. I appreciate any and all help. :0) Also, a big thank you goes out to the family of Mathias Collett for providing snack for our class this week. I have embedded the link for our winter/spring snack sign up below. I appreciate all of you!

Contact Information

Work: 828-437-6782

Cell: 828-448-0310