Inquiry-based Learning Steps

Gifted Students

1-Questioning – This is the concept development phase. It connects students with what they already know and motivates them to bring their own questions to the phenomenon.

2-Planning and Predicting – After students explore ideas through hands-on experiences, they formulate a question and create a plan for investigating their question. They also predict what they think their results will be. It takes time and practice before students learn how to formulate questions. It is important that teachers model this process, asking questions that can be investigated, and eliminating or rewording those that can’t be investigated easily.

3. Investigating – Students become involved in their inquiries. It is vital to give them ample time to complete their investigations.

4-Recording and Reporting – Students record and communicate their findings in this stage of inquiry learning. They can report their findings in a variety of ways. Whatever means they use, they restate the question and predictions, describe the investigation, and interpret the results.

5. Reflecting – In the reflecting phase, students revisit the phenomenon and plan further investigations. New questions may occur as a result of the inquiry and the process is repeated.