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Does XY Find It Work? Read Our Special Report

Losing or misplacing items such as keys, your wallet, or even your luggage when traveling can be very frustrating. According to statistics, the average person spends about 36 hours every year, looking for misplaced or lost items. In the US alone, over $3 billion is spent replacing lost items every year. This explains why there are many item tracker/ finder gadgets available on the market today.

In this piece, we are going to review XY Find It, an item tracking device that's been a hot topic on different customer reviews website. We have looked at its features, the benefits, and what users are saying about it. Stick with us and read through this comprehensive XY Find It Review to find out the device is making life easier for many people across the globe.

What is XY Find It?

This is a small, hexagonal-shaped Bluetooth-powered item tracking device that you can attach to a wide range of items. It comes with several features that will see to it that even if you lose your items, you can easily locate them through track-able signals and sounds.

The device combines the old idea of finding stuff using sounds with advanced Bluetooth technology, wireless internet, the internet of things, and smartphones. On the product's website, the manufacturer points out various ways you can use XY Find It, from attaching it to your computer, your handbag, pets, camera equipment, key ring, etc.

It comes in 5 different colors: black, red, blue, silver, and purple. Being coined-sized, the device is small enough to fit in even the smallest bags. There's also a keyhole, meaning you can attach it to your keys so you'll never have to be locked out of your house. This device is truly a perfect example of how creativity and innovation can be combined to solve the problems we humans face every day.

Why Do I Need XY Find It?

You have important items that you'd never want to lose, right? Imagine losing your luggage carrying your PC, your designer clothes, shoes, and a raft of other stuff at the airport. The situation can be very frustrating, especially when you have nothing to help you track your items. With XY Find It, you will never have to worry about losing your stuff.

Among other things, the device will help you locate your keys, PC, wallet, handbag, purse, smartphone, and even your pet. It is small, compact, lightweight, and easy to use. To use XY Find It:

  • Attach it to you're the item you definitely don't want to lose
  • Download its official mobile application to your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Create an account
  • Enable your phone's Bluetooth
  • Pair the tracker to your phone
  • Name the tagged item, and you are good to go

If you lose or misplace the item, just open the app and tap "Find," and the device will instantly begin beeping so you can follow its sound to find the item. In case it's far away, you will use its tracking signals to get your items back.

XY Find It Ratings and Benefits

My expectation of XY Find It was somewhat jaded, but once I tried the tracker, I was pleasantly surprised at its capabilities and applications. I could easily locate anything with a very short time. I particularly liked the fact that XY Find It works in reverse. So if I lost my phone, for instance, I could use the tracker to find it as long as the phone's Bluetooth is on.

From my research of the device, I believe that one of its major strengths is the fact that its signal is capable of transmitting up to 300feet. This means that you can easily find your lost items in virtually any home or apartment. And since you are able to see the device on a map on your phone, trying to locate, say a cat, in a busy place becomes easier.

The device also comes with four different hint ranges: FAR, VERY FAR, VERY NEAR, and HERE. I noticed that the difference between each range was about ten feet.

Some benefits of using this device include:

  • Has a range of up to 300feet
  • Can be attached to virtually anything, including pets
  • It's water-resistant and durable
  • Comes with a free app
  • It is performance is two-way
  • Comes in a wide variety of bright colors
  • It is small, compact, lightweight and very efficient

XY Find It's Important Key Features

  • Tracking Memory and Crowd GPS

In case you lost an item, and it is outside the 300-foot range, the application will remember the "last seen" location, thanks to the Crowd GPS function, as well as the tracking memory. Marking the item as "Lost" in the app allows other users of the device to help you recover the lost item.

  • Pet-Friendly

The device is small and lightweight. You can attach it to your pet and avoid those long hours of search-and-rescue when the pet gets lost.

  • KeepNear

This feature is designed to ensure that you don't forget or lose valuable items. The app will immediately notify you when you go out of range. For instance, if you listed your keys on the KeepNear function, the device's app will let you know when you've gone too far from the keys, so you can go back and get them.

XY Find It Customer Reviews

There are many positive reviews of this product online. Search XY Find It on Google, and the search engine will return several customer reviews. On the product's website alone, there are 38 customer reviews, whose ratings of the device average to 4.1 stars. Up to 65% of the customer reviews we saw rated XY Find It five stars. It, therefore, goes without saying that this is one of the best trackers on the market today.

Testimonials from Other Users

XY Find It is a God sent gift because I always misplace my things! But since I have this device already, I no longer have to worry because my phone can tell me where that specific thing that I am looking for is. The XY Find It will start making a sound and it'll help you find it immediately. - Steph, 30

XY Find It changed my sister's life because it helped her find things that she misplaces. Her car keys are often misplaced and so she often get late at work. So she attached the device into her keys so that she can find it when needed. - Divine, 45

Where to Buy XY Find It

Get this amazing item tracking device by visiting its official website. They're giving discounts of up to 50%, and new customers get free shipping. Hurry and get it today before the offer expires.

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