Science News Update

October 2014

Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides explicit feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students’ achievement of intended instructional outcomes. Formative assessment is a method of continually evaluating students’ academic needs and development within the classroom and precedes local benchmark assessments and state-mandated summative assessments.

Teachers who engage in formative assessments give continual, explicit feedback to students and assist them in answering the following questions:

  1. Where am I going?
  2. Where am I now?
  3. How can I close the gap between the two?

In order to show students how to close the gap between where they are academically and where they want to be, teachers must help students evaluate their progress in the learning process and give them explicit, descriptive feedback specific to the learning task.

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Science TEKS Revision Timeline

  • Science TEKS Review 2016
  • Adopt TEKS April 2017
  • TEKS PD Summer 2019
  • New Science TEKS 2019-2020

Workshop Uncovering Student Ideas in Science By Page Keeley

Thursday, Jan. 22nd 2015 at 8:30am-3:30pm

7145 W Tidwell Rd

Houston, TX

Join us in welcoming Page Keeley as she shares her probes designed to elicit and examine student thinking. Participants will learn how to use formative assessment probes to uncover students' ideas and use students' thinking to inform instruction. All participants will receive a copy of Page Keeleys book Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Volume 3: Another 25 Formative Assessment Probes.