Covington Place HANDBOOK



Whether you are a new resident of Covington Place or have lived here for years, you may not be aware of many things that directly affect you or that you need to do in order to have access to our amenities.

This Special HOA Information Edition is designed to help acclimate you to our neighborhood and community and provide you with lots of useful information. Hopefully it's not overwhelming but will serve as a handy reference for you as you enjoy your home. If you find anything missing that you feel you need to know, please don't hesitate to reply to this Newsletter and someone will contact you very soon to assist you.

We suggest that you save this Special Edition for future reference when you have a question. You will also want to save the many documents which are attached for future use.
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- Subdivision Services
- 678-284-0244 - contact them for these items: obtain/replace a pool/tennis key card, report/respond to covenant violations, report issues at the pool/tennis courts/playground, anything related to safety/security, etc.

- Grace Management - 770-389-6528 - contact them for these items: your HOAButler account, anything to do with your HOA account, etc.

Mailbox Repair/Replacement - Jonathan/Thomas Freeman, 770-356-7290 - they are the ONLY approved mailbox repair/replacement company for Covington Place

Covington Police - 911 or 770-385-2053; call them for any security concern or animal control or soliciting in the neighborhood

Clubhouse Rental - Kaye Plitt, the clubhouse is available to all residents to rent for private parties; no corporate events or non-resident parties allowed; $75 fee during Pool Season, $50 fee during remainder of year; Rules & Regulations available from Kaye; some restrictions on dates/times of availability; 404-606-8062,

Green Vehicle Stickers - Send email to and provide street address and number of vehicles; place them on the rear window of each vehicle

Social Committee - Brooke Woodall,, 404-388-8370

Collins Pool Services - 770-389-9999 - to report any problems with the pool during Pool Season (ex. chemicals, cleanliness, fecal matter, etc.)

Pool Wi-Fi Password - 7707882543 - Free to all residents using the Pool or Clubhouse

Tennis Courts are accessed via the same Pool Card that opens the pool gate. The tennis courts are available for residents and their guests only. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.


Covington Place has a very active HOA. We have a 7 member Board of Directors who serve 2-yr terms on a rotating basis. The elected officers for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Chairperson - Pat Showalter (
Co-Chairperson -
Perri Futo (
Secretary - Faye Brown-Stone
Treasurer - Ed Winnicki
Communications Manager -
Susie Keck (
Maintenance Manager - Chris Branan
Member Manager - Brooke Woodall

Feel free to contact any Board Member with any questions you may have regarding our neighborhood.

Our HOA normally meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Pool Clubhouse, with a few exceptions when some months are taken off (ex. Summer months). Signs are placed at each entrance to the subdivision the week prior to each HOA meeting as a reminder to all residents. Every resident is invited to attend as many HOA meetings as possible to get involved and find out what is going on that affects you, your home, and your property values.


Sometimes you just need to know where to call for certain services and we hope this list will assist you with that effort.

CITY OF COVINGTON UTILITIES - 770-385-2000, call this number for information or questions about water, electricity, and gas.

WHO TO CALL BEFORE YOU DIG IN YOUR YARD - 811 or 1-800-282-7411

IF YOU SMELL GAS CALL - 911 or 770-385-2000 (8am-5pm) or 770-385-2194 (after hours)

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS - 1-888-438-2427, call this number for information or questions about your communication services (cable TV, internet, phone)

NEWTON COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS - 770-787-1330, call this number to register your child for school

NEWTON COUNTY TAG OFFICE - 770-784-2020, call this number for information or questions about your vehicle tag or title

COVINGTON DRIVERS LICENSE CENTER - 678-413-8400 or for information or questions about your driver's license

NEWTON COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS - 770-784-2055, call this number to register to vote


The HOA, in partnership with our management company, Sentry Management, has created, a website for all Covington Place residents. The website contains account information, HOA documents including our Covenants, financial reports and all forms. It is designed to be the first place HOA Members go for access to the association and is very informative. If you have not registered with the HOA Butler, access the website and select "Register". You will receive a password via email. With your email address as your login ID and your new password, you will have complete access to your account information and forms.


Per our Covenants, every home in Covington Place is subject to the Architectural Review Process for any change to the exterior of the property. Residents need to submit their request prior to starting any project listed below in the ARA Process. Please make yourself aware of and familiar with the following process.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW APPLICATION PROCESS: The following is the process for submitting for approval the following types of improvements to your property:

- Fence (MUST include: materials, color, height, dimensions, drawing of Lot showing property line, existing house, and intended fence line, and photos/drawings of selected design)

- Addition to your house (this includes sun rooms, porches, decks, etc. on the front or rear of your home)

- Play equipment (swing sets, trampolines, basketball goals, etc.)

- Landscaping (major landscaping change to the original design; if you are having trees removed you need to submit a request for this also)

- Exterior paint/stain color change (MUST include actual color chips; see below for additional requirements)

Note: Covington Place does not allow storage or other buildings of this type on any lot.

Here is the process for submitting Architectural Review requests:

1 - Log on to HOA Butler (every homeowner should have an account) and click on “ACC Requests” on the left side and fill out all information and submit the request.

2 – Go to “Documents and Reports” in the left column. Under “Select a category” select “Community Documents.” Download the Architecture Review Application (ARA) (Note: it is called Arc Form on this screen) and completely fill it out including as much detail as possible. NOTE: If you do not have a HOA Butler account you can use the PDF copy of the ARC Form attached to this Handbook.

3 - Fax, email, or mail the ARA as indicated at the top of the form at least 30 days prior to beginning your project.

4 - If the ARA is for painting the exterior of your home and you are keeping the original color, you must include 1 full set of paint chips and mail them in.

5 - If the ARA is for changing the color of the exterior of your home, you must include 1 full set of paint chips and paint a 3' by 3' area of the requested color on the side of your home for review by the Architecture Review Board. An example of each color must be painted (i.e. siding, trim, and shutters).

6 - Do not schedule workers or begin your project until you have obtained approval notice.

7 - If you have any questions during the process, call 678-284-0244 ext 421.

A copy of our Covenants at a Glance in PDF format is attached to this Handbook for your convenience.


Since we are a HOA neighborhood, it's always a good idea to make sure that all residents are aware of our Community-Wide Standards which are required by our Covenants. A PDF copy is attached to this Handbook for your convenience.

The following represent the standards which we abide by in Covington Place:


· Lawns are mowed and edged regularly to keep an even well-kept appearance.

· Lawns are maintained to prevent weeds and unwanted grasses.

· Lawn bare spots are repaired with sod or seed.

· Bare earth areas are covered with mulch.

· Debris and trimmings are removed from yards, driveways and sidewalks. [See information later in this Newsletter regarding disposal of yard waste.]

· Flowerbeds and natural areas are well-defined, weed-free and have the appearance of well-maintained groundcover.

· Shrubs and ornamental trees are properly trimmed.

· Trees and shrubs are kept clear of the sidewalk.


· Garbage cans are kept out of view.

· Trash and yard debris are neatly set out just before pick up.

· Trailers, boats and recreational vehicles are kept out of view.

· Abandoned or junk vehicles are removed from the property.

· Cars are only parked on driveways or in streets, never on lawns.

· Repairs to the home’s exterior and property are performed properly.

· Faded and failing painted surfaces are replaced with HOA approved colors.

· Household equipment, hoses, mowers, garden tools, firewood, etc. are properly stored out of view. Children's outdoor toys are properly stored out of view when not being used.

· Trash, newspapers and litter are placed in the proper receptacle.

· Dirt, wood, and construction materials are removed from the property.

· Garage doors are closed when not in use.

· Changes or additions to the exterior of the property are submitted for approval to the HOA.

· Only approved mailboxes are installed and maintained.


· Cars are parked in the street only when the garage and driveway are inaccessible for short periods of time during the daytime.

· Cars are parked appropriately on the streets allowing clear access to police, fire and emergency vehicles.

· Speed limits and stop signs within the subdivision are strictly observed. [Golf cart crossings are observed.]

· Resident vehicles display the Green HOA sticker.

· Pool and tennis court rules are observed.

· Safety concerns in the Common Areas are quickly reported to Sentry Management (Subdivision Services).

· Only licensed drivers operate golf carts per City Ordinance.

· Leash laws are observed per City Ordinance.

· Pet waste is properly discarded per City Ordinance.

· Suspicious activity is immediately reported to the Covington Police (including door-to-door sales, etc.)

A PDF version of the COMMUNITY-WIDE STANDARDS is attached for your convenience.


For the overall safety of our neighborhood, the HOA provides each resident with green stickers to be placed on the rear window (lower left corner) of each vehicle you own. These stickers do not list our neighborhood name on purpose but are easily recognizable by the Covington Police and all CP residents. They are an extra safety precaution so that you know which vehicles belong in the pool/tennis court parking lot as well as driving around the neighborhood.

Send an email to and provide your name, street address, and the number of vehicles you have and they will be delivered to your mailbox.

If you trade vehicles or get a new one, don't forget to ask for new stickers too!

If you'd like a sticker for your golf cart, we can provide those as well. Just let us know!


Don't forget that if you need to temporarily park a camper or other vehicle at the Pool Parking Lot or have overnight visitors parking on the street in front of your home, you need to place a VISITOR PASS on the dash of the vehicle with your name/address on it. This is to prevent a neighbor from calling the Covington Police regarding an unauthorized vehicle being left in our neighborhood. It's also a good safety precaution for the vehicle. Send an email to to obtain the Visitor Pass.

A PDF version of the VISITOR PASS is attached for your convenience.


This is just a reminder that our neighborhood does not allow soliciting or "door-to-door" sales. If you have someone come to your door, please tell them that we don't allow soliciting and ask them to leave the neighborhood. You can also call the Covington Police and give them a description of the vehicle/person and they will come and ask them to leave.

We have "NO SOLICITING" signs clearly posted at each of our 3 entrances.


Covington Place residents who have outside dogs or cats are reminded of the following Animal Control Ordinance that you must abide by:

BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners, Newton County, Georgia, and by the authority of the same, that Chapter 30 of Division II of the Code of Newton County Georgia, 2001, entitled Animal Control Ordinance is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following Ordinance is adopted in lieu thereof as follows:

Section 30-001 Animal Control Ordinance

I. Administration and Definitions.

(18) Running at Large. The term "to run at large" or "running at large" means the going upon public or private property by an animal without the owner or person in charge thereof having control over such animal, and includes any animal whatsoever which may be staked, tied or hobbled in any manner as to allow such animal to go or get upon the public streets or sidewalks.

V. Dogs and Cats.

A. Dogs and Cats Running at Large.

(1) It shall be the duty of every owner of any dog or cat or anyone having a dog or cat in his possession or custody, to ensure that it is under restraint or control, so that it cannot wander off of the real property limits of the owner, possessor or custodian, it being the intent of this article that all dogs and cats shall be prevented from leaving, while unattended, the real property limits of their owner, possessor or custodian. It is further the intent of this article that, unless Animal Control has a signed running at large complaint on file regarding a specific dog or cat, no dog or cat be impounded and no citations be issued under this section unless the dog or cat is observed off the real property limits of the owner, possess or custodian, either by signed complaint by a witness, or by the animal control officer.

B. Restraint of Dogs

(1) It shall be unlawful for any owner, possessor, or custodian of any dog to fail to keep the dog under restraint or control as provided for in this section.

(2) Reasonable care and precautions shall be taken to prevent any dog from leaving the real property limits of its owner, possessor or custodian, and ensure that:

(a) It is securely and humanely enclosed within a house, building, fence, pen or other enclosure out of which it cannot climb, dig, jump, or otherwise escape of its own volition;

(b) It is securely and humanely restrained by an electronic containment system. If an electronic containment system is used, adequate signage must be placed on the property indicating that the system is in place.

(c) It is securely and humanely tethered as provided in subsection (3).

(3) A dog may be tethered provided that the following conditions are met:

(a) The condition of the tethering area:

i. Adequate food, water and shelter shall be available within the tethering area.

ii. The tethering area shall be clear of any debris or obstacles to prevent the tethering line from becoming entangled.

iii. The tethering area shall allow for the maximum available exercise area and maximum freedom of movement.

iv. The tethering area must be maintained in a sanitary condition and must provide the dog access to adequate dry ground.


City Ordinance, 6.06.080 Removal of canine fecal matter requires owners to remove and properly dispose of any fecal matter deposited by such dog on any property, public or private, not owned or legally possessed by that person.


Residents are reminded that you are responsible for keeping your pets under control when outside and keeping barking to a minimum. Please don't allow your pet's barking to disturb your neighbor's peace and quiet. Be a good neighbor!


Covington Place has a Covenant [10.7 Animals and Pets) regarding this and the City of Covington has an Ordinance (8.20.050 Noise Control) regarding it. Both are listed below.


Please do the right thing with your pet and their barking.

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Chapter 8.20 - NOISE CONTROL

8.20.050 - Specific prohibitions.

C. Animals. The owning, possessing or harboring of any animal which frequently, or for continued duration, howls, barks, meows, squawks or makes other sounds which create excessive and unnecessary noise across a residential or commercial real property line or within a noise-sensitive area. For the purpose of this chapter, "barking dog" shall mean a dog that barks, bays, cries, howls or makes any other noise continually and/or incessantly for a period of ten (10) minutes, or barks intermittently for one-half hour or more to the disturbance of any person at any time of day or night, regardless of whether the dog is physically situated in or upon private property; provided, however, that a dog shall not be deemed a "barking dog" if, at the time the dog is barking or making any other noise, a person is trespassing or threatening to trespass upon property in or upon which the dog is situated.


City Ordinance 10.18 MOTORIZED CARTS requires the following:

1 - All golf carts wishing to be driven on city streets must be registered with the City of Covington.
2 - No one can drive a golf cart unless they possess a valid driver's license or instructional permit (those possessing an instructional permit must have an adult present just as required for driving a vehicle). Children without either of these documents are not allowed to drive a golf cart on the streets under any circumstance.
Parents PLEASE do not allow your under aged children to drive golf carts on our streets. Besides being very dangerous it is against the law.


The pool normally opens for the season on or before Memorial Day Weekend and remains open daily until the last Sunday in September, from 8:00am to 10:00pm. The exact date of the opening is announced via our Newsletter as well as via a special letter from Sentry Management.

The gate locks promptly at 10:00pm and your Key Card will NOT open the gate after this time. Please be sure to be out of the gate before 10:00pm. After hours use of the pool is considered trespassing and will be dealt with.

Every resident should receive a letter from Sentry Management containing the Pool Rules which are enforceable by every resident who uses the pool. Please take the time to read the rules and explain them to your children and guests as you are held responsible for them being followed.


New HOA Members can request a keycard for pool and tennis access by visiting our website Log into your account using your ID & Password, select "eform" tab at the top, then "Amenity Area Registration" from the drop down menu. Fill in all of the requested information and “Submit.” Please allow 7-10 days for processing of the new keycard. If you have not registered with HOA Butler, select "Register". You will receive a password via email. With your email address as your login ID and your password, you will have complete access to your account information and forms. You may also email for the form or to check the status of your keycard.


Since Pool Season is always a busy time, it's the appropriate time to remind all residents of the POOL RULES.


The pool is "self-policed" by all residents who use the pool so if you see someone breaking the rules please go over to them and let them know that they need to correct their action immediately. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then make note of their arrival or departure time from the gate and then report it to Subdivision Services (you will be kept anonymous). They can use the gate stamp to determine who entered or departed from the pool at all times. You can also report the behavior to a Board Member and they can have the security video reviewed to determine who the person was that was not following the rules. The bottom line is that we all want to keep our pool in great condition for all residents to enjoy and therefore we must all follow the same rules of behavior.


POOL HOURS 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM [outside of these hours is trespassing]


· Children 12 and under may not use the pool without adult supervision. Adults are considered to be 16 years old or older.

· Diapered children must wear rubber pants or plastic swim pants and swim diapers to swim in the pool.

· NO solo swimming.

· NO glass of any kind allowed inside the gate in the pool area. NO exceptions.

· Please keep food and snacks confined to the tables, away from the pool. This includes drinks of any kind.

· NO diving!

· NO running. NO boisterous or rough play is permitted in the pool area.

· NO spitting, “spouting” of water or blowing of nose is allowed in the pool.

· NO skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, etc. allowed inside the gate in the pool area. NO exceptions.

· Persons with communicable or infectious diseases, rashes or sores should not use the pool.

· NO pets allowed inside the gate or around the pool area. NO exceptions.

· Please limit the number and size of floatation devices. Only floats designed to accommodate one (1) person allowed.

· The Clubhouse telephone is provided for emergency use only.

· Profanity, improper behavior, vulgar remarks and obscene actions are prohibited. Violations by minors will be reported to their parents.

· All guests MUST be accompanied by a homeowner to use the pool. You are not to give your key card to friends or relatives for them to use the pool without you being present. NO exceptions.

- Only four (4) guests allowed per household. NO exceptions.

· Use of tobacco products are not allowed inside the gate in the pool area or clubhouse. This includes any and all electronic smoking aids such as eCigs and Vapes. NO exceptions.

· Pool gate must remain closed and locked at all times for liability reasons. Please do not prop the door open as this will cause damage to the system.

· Tables are reserved for those who are eating and not to store your belongings.

· If an accident of the fecal kind should occur, pool must immediately be emptied, and the fecal matter should be removed. The pool company must also be notified, in the event a chlorine shock should be required. Please call the pool company immediately. The phone number is posted on the bulletin board in the covered area.

· There is a $25.00 charge for a replacement key card.

· Members causing property damage will be held financially responsible and will be prosecuted. The member will also be responsible for damages caused by members of their household or guests.

· No property or furnishing shall be removed from pool area or clubhouse.

· The pool area may not be reserved for private parties at any time. If you bring a party of over four (4) people to the pool without reserving the clubhouse for your party, you will be asked to leave.

· The Last person to leave the pool at the end of each day should do the following:

o Put umbrellas down to closed position

o Pick up after yourself

o Turn off lights, close gate

There is a $25 reactivation fee if your keycard is deactivated for an overdue HOA account.

***Infractions of pool rules may result in a temporary suspension of pool privileges. This includes smoking, use of glass, vandalism, and trespassing.***


The following rules of etiquette are mostly common courtesy, and should be followed whether you’re playing tennis at the Covington Place courts or at public courts. Most of us know the right thing to do, we just need a gentle reminder every now and then.

Guests MUST be accompanied by a resident at all times. Limit of 4 guests applies to the tennis courts. No team play or league play is allowed on our courts.

Show respect and courtesy - To your opponent(s), your partner, and others on or near the courts. Keep your voice down and confined to your court as much as possible so as not to disrupt players on the adjacent court. If you get into a loud dispute with your opponent, take it off the court and away from other players. There is a limit of 8 players on the two courts at any time. All spectators and children must stay outside the fence in the designated play area. Please find a private, quiet place to use your cell phones off the courts.

Use the tennis courts for tennis - A great deal of money goes into maintaining tennis courts, and it is not for BMX racing with bicycles or roller hockey and rollerblading. These other activities can damage the court surface, leaving it unplayable for tennis players, and can result in a large expenditure for repairs. Under no circumstances are the nets to be sat upon, leaned on, or hit with any object. Young children or guests not playing tennis should remain outside the fence as the tennis courts are not a play area for children or guests standing around. Strollers, bikes, scooters, toys, etc. are never allowed inside the gates.

Attire - Please wear appropriate attire on court. Shirts must be worn and non-marking shoes only.

Close the gate behind you - Whether you’re coming onto the courts, or leaving, it is common courtesy to close the gate behind you. This will keep the tennis balls inside the confines of the gate and they won’t roll outside. Most importantly, the gates are connected to the same key card system as the pool and this system can be severely damaged if the gates are left open for longer than entering or departing.

NOTE: If you find the gates not locking, please report it to Subdivision Services immediately.

Pick up after yourself - Don’t leave empty soda cans, old tennis balls, pop-tops from tennis ball cans, or empty tennis ball cans inside the fence when you leave. Dispose of any garbage you have in trash containers on or near the court – if there aren’t any, take it with you. Our courts should be left clean at all times.

Monitor children on the courts at all times - Everyone who plays tennis wants to encourage kids to play the game as well, but the kids must also follow these rules. Since kids can tend to get distracted, it’s up to the adults with them to assist as they play the game. Stray balls, running around and yelling are actions that need to be managed.

Have fun! - The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun. You can follow these rules of etiquette and still have a good time on the courts - the players on the adjacent court will appreciate it.


Be sure to read the City of Covington guidelines in the "Disposal of Yard Waste" flyer shown below. You'll note there is a fine for violation of this ordinance.

If you have any questions, call the numbers provided on the flyer.
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It is important to remember that residents are only allowed to have ONE sign at any time posted in your yard. When political season arrives and you wish to support multiple candidates, you will need to rotate their signs as only one at a time is allowed by our Covenants.

We also want to remind residents that business signs are not allowed to be displayed in your yards at any time.


For anyone who didn't know already, our neighborhood has a Facebook Group that is a Closed Group and available only to residents and home owners of Covington Place. This is a Closed Group so that we can share information among ourselves and not have to worry about non-members seeing our business.

If you are active on Facebook and aren't a member yet, search "Covington Place Neighborhood Announcements" to find our group and then ask to join. If you have submitted a request to join and have not been accepted, please send an email to and give your CP address or connection to CP and you'll be added. We get lots of requests from non-residents and they are not accepted. If you happen to notice a non-resident being a member, you can also report it to have them removed.

This group is offered as a service from the CP HOA Board of Directors for you.


We offer all residents the opportunity to participate in 2 Yard Sales each year - 1 in the Spring and 1 in the Fall. The dates are announced far in advance of the events so that you have plenty of time to prepare. Ads are placed in the local newspapers and signs are placed at each entrance to our neighborhood.

Any resident who wishes to participate needs to place a balloon or group of balloons on your mailbox on the day of the event to indicate that you are participating to potential buyers.

The hours run from 8:00am to 4:00pm.


Covington Place has a very active Social Committee that tries to come up with a variety of events throughout the year that will suit everyone's taste at some point. The Calendar of Events is published in the regular Newsletter so that residents are aware of what is happening.


If you have new neighbors don't forget to let Peggy Rentz know so that the Covington Place Welcome Wagon can visit them with a nice welcoming basket and community information. Peggy's email is


Also, please ask your new neighbors to send an email to to be added to the HOA Newsletter distribution.


If you have school, military, community, etc. news to share with the neighborhood, please send it to by Saturday each week to be included in the Newsletter.


If you run a local business and would like to place an Advertisement in our Newsletter, please send a print-ready JPEG Ad to and it will run in multiple editions of our newsletter. If you have any questions about what is appropriate, please ask any questions ahead of time.