Types of Water Projects

by HE


The simplest wells are hand dug. The wells can be fifty or more feet deep. They are used to collect ground water. The well can be extremely dangerous to build and have cost many lives!

well repair

A well repair is a well is that need to be fix. In areas of Zambia they have shallow water areas. So the wells are pumps by hands. And it is the only drinking water they have!!


A weir is a dam that block water. There are many different type of weir one of them is called a sand dam. A sand dam can be 90ft long x 15ft high. The sand dam provide a lifetime of local, clean ,reliable water with in 30-90 minutes from people homes.

Rain catchment

Rain catchment is the simplest systems to collect water. The water tank is capable of holding about 100,000 liters of water or more. Rain catchment have been around for more than a 100 years!! It is use to developed the nation or under- developed nation. By filling the tank with rain water.And end the harsh "dry season" and give water to school and the children in Africa.

How people get water in Africa

Every day peoples in Africa go to collect water for miles and miles just to collect water! Every day women and girl go to collect water for they family. They collect water in lakes rivers and ponds. But the water is not always clean it can be very dirty. But they have no chose but to drink the dirty water. If people drink the water it can make the people sick if the water is diry. But you can help them by giving them money! If you donate a 1$ you can provide peoples with clean water!

Here is a video about how people get water in Africa.

This is Gladys

How these systems can help

The systems can help them by giving them clean water. And they can provided them with clean fresh water to schools, family and children.