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Gavin K.

About me

When I was younger I used to be a slow reader, so I read more books and have improved every year, getting faster and more fluent.

10 thing about me as a reader

1. I do not like to be forced to read certain book.

2. I read more in the summer.

3. I read on the airplane.

4. I like space and science books.

5. I do not like fiction as much as non-fiction.

6. I never use book marks on my books.

7. I do not always finish books, sometimes because i do not like them.

8. The only fiction book i like are mystery books.

9. I do not like to be told how long i have to read.

10. When I do not understand something I read, I reread it.

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Why did I choose this Quote?

I chose this quote because, it gives you a view of what a book can do. In this one you can see more if you read books.

Song that expresses me about reading

Mickey Mouse - Steamboat Willie (Whistling song)

Why does this video express me about reading?

This video expresses me about reading because, it is in black and white and it has old music.

My Favorites

What I am reading now

What i read last

Like, Try, Why Poster

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Good websites for reading recrommendations

I think that is a good website to find books because it has a bunch of pages filled with books.

Other Websites: