SPED Update

Week of March 16th

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Careers without College Transition Event

Student Transition Event at Coventry High School

Please contact me if you have 11th or 12th grade students to recommend, PLEASE DO SO BY MARCH 20th

-8-1:00 or 8:30-1:30

-Lunch will be provided to students and staff

-4 breakout sessions (25 minutes each)

Last Call to Recommend Students for the ME Program

There is a bit of room in some of the ME Programs that will be running during ESY. Are there any students you would recommend that may benefit from:

  • Social thinking type group with Speech pathologist
  • Advocacy Skills
  • Transition Assessments
  • Getting to know more about their disability

Sessions are only 1 week, so it may be enticing for some.

Please let me know of any further recommendations BY THIS WEDNESDAY: MARCH 18th

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