Richard Nixon

and the Watergate scandal

Richard Nixon

their was no proof that Nixon was involved in the Watergate scandal itself.

Some of Nixon people where involved in the scandal.

Nixon decided to try to cover up the scandal but reporters found proof of that.

a former underling of Nixon john dean talked against Nixon and his plans for government agents.

Nixon tried to use executive privilege to try and protect the cover up but the court stooped him.


john dean was someone who worked for Nixon before outing him.

Bob Woodward and Carl Benson are the reporters that exposed Nixon.

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Nixon would hove been fine if he just said Watergate was bad. they had no evidence tying him to it even if some of his staff was involved but instead he decided to try to cover it up and criminalizing himself when the truth came out.

what made it even worse is that he tried to abuse his power to try to keep it covered up