The Battle Of Hampton Roads

By: Erick Gonzalez and Tyler Vaughn

The Battle of Hampton Roads

The Battle of Hampton Roads was an important naval battle in the Civil War. The CSS Virginia (Merrimack) and the USS Moniter clashed on March 8, 1862 and exchanged fire at eachother unill the next day. The Union and the Confederacy had constructed new warships that couldn't bring each other down!

Before the Battle

The CSS Virginia

The CSS Virginia had originally been an abandoned Union warship called the Merrimack. The Confederacy took advantage of this abandoned warship to remake a better and improved ironclad warship.
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The Monitor

The Monitor was the Ironclad that The Union ended up making. After the Union got word of the Confederate ironclad warship, they decided to make an ironclad of their own.
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During the Battle

After the battle/effects

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