Nana's 2015 Fashion Review

Top trends of 2015

Clothing Trends of 2015

Trend #1: body con dresses

Trend #2: crop tops

Trend #3:urban styles

Trend #4: ripped jeans

Trend #5: combat boots

Trend #6: oversized t-shirt dresses

Trend #7: Flannels

Trend #8: Pedora

Trend #9: faux fur vests

Trends #10: overalls

Best products of 2015

The three companies that marketed themselves well in 2015 were Apple, Nike, and Budweiser. They really try to connect with consumers and try to relate to them. Apple recently put out a commercial that everyone loved, it even had a hashtag on twitter and was trending. Nike put a lot of basketball and other professional players that tell their story of their rise to fame. And Budweiser warms the hearts of their costumers with their commercials of puppies and a story behind it.

(Apple Commercial)


The best and worst

Top two artists of 2015

#1: Drake

#2 Bryson Tiler, people on twitter tweet his lyrics and make videos with his song

TOP 5 of TOP 10 of 2015's worst movies

#1: Fantastic Four


#3: Jupiter Ascending

#4: Age of Adelaide

#5: Stonewall

New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvement: to not procrastinate

Family and Friends: to spend more time with them because life is too short

School: to improve in my grades