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Meet the Encore Team!

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Art: Dede Darrough

Our first semester has been filled with a great study of the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh. The students enjoyed learning about his painting style, his personality as well as his struggles. I am overly happy with the incredible results of their artwork. We worked closely with color theory, shape and line. Our next artist to study is Yayoi Kusama. Great times ahead!

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Computer Lab: Lori Mitchell

I assist students in the computer lab during their Computer Lab Encore class. We start our year with Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy, learning to be safe and use good manners while online. Our students have begun working on their keyboarding skills, learning the functions of the keyboard and how to use the mouse. During this semester, students will also explore software and apps they will be using throughout the year in their classrooms. In addition to these important skills, we learn how technology can improve and change our world. During the second semester of the year, our students dive into computer science and coding. I enjoy sharing my love of technology with our students.

Library: Laurie Baxter

Latest in the Library

4th grade attended a writing workshop in the Library with author Phil Bildner on September 26th. The students enjoyed learning about the writing process and how to become a better writer.

Book Fair is coming! Our fall book fair will be November 18-22 in the CES Library.

Music: Mary McCracken

The 3rd & 4th graders are working hard on their musical! Mark your calendar and come join us as 4th grade presents A Kid’s Life on November 14th and 3rd grade presents Flakes! On December 12th. Both programs will be held in the cafeteria here at CES and will begin at 7 pm. Hope to see you there!

PE: Amy Gallegos and Sue Skallerup

We have had such a great time exploring our fall units so far. We have covered fall sports such as Football, Volleyball, Tailgate Games and Fall/Seasonal Games!

This year we have decided to help our Dragons on goal setting through our PACER test. The PACER is a running assessment that tests the cardiovascular fitness level of a student. While the test is always a fun way to gage our fitness level, we are truly focusing on our students learning how to best set themselves up for success. We do this by implementing healthy habits such as adequate sleep, healthy food choices and staying hydrated. These choices will affect how their body functions and performs not only in the gym physically but in the classroom mentally!

Reminder!!!!! We ask that all students wear appropriate clothing and shoes for their PE day. Safety will always be a top priority on our gym!

Science Lab: Krista Dragoo

We have had such a great start to the school year in the lab! So far we have taken a closer look at science safety, science tools, the five senses, matter and its properties, and heating and cooling. We are currently studying how objects move and the forces that make them move. You can follow along with our learning on Twitter @MrsDragoo.