My Friend The Enemy

By: Dan Smith

Is Peter Dixon a hero... Or a liar?

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  • "It was the angry buzz of german bombers filling the sky."
  • "I could hear the whistle as they fell from the sky."
  • "The words we had feard so much: Deeply regret to report the death of your husband D. Dixon on war service."

Would helping the wrong side be the right thing to do?

When Peter Dixon survives a Nazi bomber nearly falling on top of him during the fight of WWll. Things change for him. He meets a new friend named Kim. He and Kim one night go get some souvenirs and hide in a nearby forest. Discovering that one of the pilots survived the crash. They decide to hide him near the forest shed, owned by Peters father. Will Peter and Kim be able to hide the Nazi solder? Or will they get caught and let their new friend get a bullet through his chest?

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This is a book that can remind you of what people had to go through between the dark years of 1939-1945.

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Grade Level: 5th-7th, Pages: 182, Publisher: Chicken House