Unit 3 Assignment 3

Artificial intelligence and expert systems

What are Artificial intelligence and expert systems?

Expert systems fall under the category of artificial intelligence because the expert systems are computers that think like humans and are computers with human minds and abilities. An expert system is a computer application which is able to perform operations which have an equal amount of difficulty of someone who is an expert in that field of work. There are a few examples, however there are some which are used daily such as applications which help with diagnosing people with illnesses, just like a digital doctor. There are also some that can create financial forecasts. In addition, some of these systems are able to replace actual experts however, most of them actually help the experts rather than take their jobs. Furthermore, you need experts to actually make an expert system such as a knowledge engineer. A knowledge engineer is a person who is able to look and study how human experts make their decisions. They can then imitate this and turn it into a computer application form in which computers would then be able to do the things which these professionals would do on a day to day basis. The image below shows the cycle of how an expert system works.
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