Week at a Glance

Becky's 2-Year Kindergarten Class...February 26, 2016


Coming back to school after a week off is pretty exciting, but coming back on the 100th day of school really takes the cake! We had such fun celebrating! Math games (how many spins does it take to get to 100?), books all about 100 (I wish I had 100...I could eat 100...I could not eat 100...If I had $100...I could lift 100...), 100 art (what can you make with a 1 and two 0's?), 100 exercises, and the beloved hunt for 100 hidden Hershey kisses and 100 piece trail mix all made for a busy, fun-filled day!!! Phew! Adios 100th day...see you again next year!
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Hope is such a wonderful thing...imagine where we'd be without it! Our feeling for this week is hopeful. The kids likened being hopeful to wishing for something to happen. I would add that there is a degree of optimism involved. Hope is important, as it often correlates with a "can do" or "glass half-full" attitude. This helps us on our journey to attaining goals, and helps us to not remain "stuck" in a challenging moment. Ask your child for examples of when he or she had felt hopeful. I am hopeful that we will keep all the lessons we're learning about being Earth Heroes in our hearts as we move through life!


Before diving into addition, we are taking a quick detour for a bit of graphing! We are learning to create a question, gather and organize data (using tallies!), create a graph and analyze a graph. We all designed our own question to ask classmates. It was really fun seeing what we wanted to know about each other...there were questions about favorite ice cream flavors, favorite animals, favorite sea animals, favorite books, favorite stuffies, favorite type of stuffies ("cyoot", creepy, tiny or big), and favorite spots! Using tallies was a new skill, and we all worked hard to group those little lines in sets of five! 1,2,3,4 number 5 shuts the door...6,7,8,9, number 10 draws the line. We have a few loose ends to finish up on Monday, and will then move along into addition!


Writing Workshop: It's exciting to see kids becoming more and more fluent with the writing process! Whether it's sounding out words, remembering spaces or fine-tuning the content of our stories, we are all working at that "just-right" place. I am really impressed with the effort kids are putting into their stories. Getting to edit a story (and wear those cool editing glasses) has been a big motivator for some to work on completing stories...and then there's getting to actually staple a finished story, which is also pretty satisfying!

Handwriting: Q and G

Phonics groups:

Red group: beginning digraph sh

Yellow group: short "baby" vowels

Blue and green groups: ending blends ng and nk

The story of ___ng and ___nk...Remember when I told you about baby vowels needing a baby sitter? The letter or blend following a baby vowel are the babysitters. Well, "ng" and "nk" are over-zealous babysitters! They are always so excited to see the little baby vowels, especially baby a and baby i! "ng" and "nk" just can't help themselves and whenever they see baby a and baby i they pick them up, lifting them high overhead. Baby a and baby i love this and squeal with delight! Baby a says "aaaayyyy" and baby i says "eeeeee"! This is why the short i in pink does not sound the same as the short i in pig, and likewise the short a in rang does not sound the same as the short a in bat. Interestingly, this all has to do with the position of our tongue as we say these blends. When we make the "n" sound followed by k or g, our tongue is lifted, and in order to prepare for this we raise the preceding vowel sound in these words! Maybe it's just me, but I find this fascinating!


I am hoping that you have heard about our new theme! For the next 5 weeks we will be studying inventors and inventions! This is going to be a fantastic study with many opportunities to grow our creative selves! What is an invention? Who are inventors? What types of things are invented? These questions guided the first couple of days of our unit. Ask your child these questions!
We are just beginning our study of famous inventors...the first of whom we studied being the one and only Benjamin Franklin. This fellow invented so many different items...from swim flippers (at age 11, nonetheless) to bifocals to the public library to the "long arm" (grabber) to understanding the nature of electricity in a whole new way! This is just the beginning of the long list of items he invented! One of the kids' favorite was a rocking chair that could churn butter as you rocked! Lucy even wanted to know where you could get one of these! In the coming weeks we will continue to study a full spectrum of inventors!


Gosh! This week was sandwiched between two super exciting days! Our trip to MOHAI was fabulous! If you ever get the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend this museum! Highlights included: an ipad scavenger hunt exploring the history and innovations of Seattle; a hip hop exhibit complete with a dance floor to practice break dancing and Maclemore's thrift shop jacket (!!), a giant pink tow truck with a big toe on top (haha!), and a look at many items invented in Seattle (the game Cranium, thermarests, the slinky dog (think toy story), MSR camp stoves...)! Oh, and we got to see a pair of Supersonics sneakers that were a size 20!!! Talk about big feet! Thank you to everyone who helped this day be a wonderful success!
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Important Dates

March 2: Parent meeting

March 11: Field Trip to the Food Bank

March 16: Board Meeting

Week of March 28: Conference Week~1/2 days

March 30: Invention Convention (Science Fair) @ 6:00

Upcoming Workshops

March 4: Sayde, Andrew

March 11: Lyla, Calder

March 18: Marlo, Elsie

March 25: Tessa Jane, Lucy

April 1: Atticus, Declan