Conrad Library News

Summer 2015

Your Media Specialist as a Resource

Did you know that you can collaborate with your Media Specialist to plan and provide instruction? Whether you need to integrate Web 2.0 tools, teach students how to conduct research and cite properly, or locate some resources to support your lesson, your Media Specialist can help by planning and co-teaching! Any time you plan a project that involves students locating information and creating something with it, reach out to me, even if you're not sure of how I can help - it's my job to figure that part out. Remember that your Media Specialist is here this summer as an instructional resource!

Let's get our students ready to be successful in the Fall!

Library Procedures

We have a very teen-friendly and active library here at Conrad and want that to continue this summer. Please, send students to the library! We LOVE having them here! That said, to help ensure the library functions efficiently this summer, please acknowledge the following procedures when utilizing the library:

  • Students should have something specific to work on in the library if here during class time.
  • Students must have a BLUE LIBRARY PASS to come to the library, completely filled out by you. If students do not have a pass, I will send them back to class to get one. I will give everyone several of these passes the first week of summer school.
  • Limit the number of students you're sending to 3 at a time. If more than 3 students need to come to the library, plan to bring the entire class and stay with them.
  • The library, like everyone, is low on paper and ink. If you need to print, please be considerate of staff and students' needs and limit printing to 3 pages.
  • We are out of laminating film for the year. Boo. :'(

What About Technology?

Teacher Equipment

If you need a projector, projector remote, or document camera, email Ms. Iden and she can hook you up.

Student Logins

Mrs. Tovar had the wonderful idea of bringing her students into the library one day to ensure all of the students are able to log in the computers for the summer and to prevent surprises later. If you'd like to do the same, email me for a reservation!

Sometimes students are locked out of the computers. If this happens, please send me an email with the students' names and ID numbers and I can put in a request to have their password reset.

Student Computers

If you need access to a set of classroom computers this summer, you have two options:

  1. Reserve a set of COWs.
  2. Reserve one of the three computer labs that we have on campus.

To reserve either of the aforementioned, email Ms. Iden and she will email you back with a confirmation and with details on how and when to get the COWs and return them.

The laptops are calling your name!

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