Google Apps for Education

Quick Start Guide : HISD Techies

G.A.F.E is a collection of Google Tools for teachers.

Tools that your entire school can use, together. These tools are cloud based which means you can access them on any internet capable device. They are also built for collaboration! See more Here

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Drawings
  • Hangouts
  • Chrome Browser
  • Google Classroom

This just a small list of all of GAFE tools! Learn more here

Get Started!

How to log into your Official Google Apps for Education Account!

Use your Official MyHISD google account!!

It's important we all use our "" GAFE account opposed to using any Google account. This will allow us to be able to seamlessly collaborate with one another, while ensuring you are receiving documents in your district GAFE accounts. This will eliminate any confusion regarding which e-mail address you are sharing your content with. Ultimately, it will allow us to communicate and share information and documentation with all district staff.

Basic Google Vocabulary !

Google Vocabulary

How to get to your Google Drive & other Google Tools!

  • Click the App Launcher and select Google Drive. Here you will have acess to your google drive, gmail, account settings, Google plus and so much more!

HELP!!!!!!! GAFE Q& A

My Google password will not work? How do I reset it?

Create an Eduphoria Helpdesk Ticket> Information Services> GAFE log-ins.

Will I have two Email Accounts?

Currently everyone has two email accounts Outlook ( and Gmail (

Please be aware of the two accounts and make arrangements to receive the email from both accounts.

How can I forward my Outlook email to my Official HISD Gmail?

Create an Eduphoria Helpdesk Ticket> Information Services> Outlook> Forward my Outlook to my Gmail Ticket Request.

You will know the request has gone through when you receive an email from

I.S. verifying, if you received a specific email in your gmail inbox.

I want to create a Google Classroom, but it said I need to be verified as a teacher?

To verify your GAFE teacher account in order to use Google Classrooms please press the + sign to Create a Class

and we will receive your request and approve it asap.