Finding a characters motivation

Ally klimaszewski

finding a characters motivation can help you with these steps. in my example ill show you how i found Gonzalos motivation and how it helped benifit me.

Step 1 : annotate

Read your story and think about important things that the charcter says. it might be giving away clues or hints as to whats going to happen later in the story. Underline some words you don't know while you're reading. It's critical that you look up the word you don't understand because then you'll have a better understand of the story. you should also take side notes on the side of the story or a seprate sheet of paper to help you complete role sheets or ever refresh your memmory of all the important things going on in the story.

step 2 : dictate the characters feelings.

Describe how the character feels. His/her emotion should change throughout the text. in this story gonzalo had to learn english by watching american channels on tv and also tend to his ignorant uncle. This shows me that his motive is responsibly.

Step 3 : Relate

Relating is also a ver important and special skill you will need to obtain to find a characters motive. You can relate by text to text, text to world or text to self. Since Gonzalo is very responsible by taking care of his uncle i can relate to that too because i have to tend to my baby cousin at home and he does not talk yet just like Tio can not speak english so i help him walk and talk just like gonzalo has to help his uncle
this song reminds me of Gonzalo because i feel like hes constantly praying and trying to fit in in this new enviornment.
Kid Cudi - Just What I Am ft. King Chip