By Mike Lupica


Zach Harriman was a normal fourteen-year-old boy.........or at least that is what he thought. Zach's dad was a very active man in terms of occupations. He was a former football star, special advisor for the president, and a die-hard Knicks fan. Everything was a good as it could have been for his dad, Tom Herriman. That is until one dark day when Tom's plane crashes under mysterious circumstances. Everything Zach thought he knew about his Father was washed down the drain. Now the same people who wanted Tom dead want Zach very much alive. This was due to the fact the his dad was no ordinary man. Zach was born as a prodigy, something nobody knew anything about.

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A sports fanatic's must read

If you have ever seen the movie Angels in the Outfield, Trouble with the curve, or Moneyball, this book will take a special place in your mind as a reader and as a sports fan. From the heart-wrenching death of his father, to the awe-inspiring desire for Zach to follow in his father's footsteps, this bopok will keep you turning the pages.