Friday Focus

JSE Staff, May 13th

"Love Your People"

Another week flew by!

I enjoyed meeting with all of you to draft class lists. Without being too cheesy...I wish I could bottle up all of the knowledge you have of each of your kids, the relationships you have built with each of them, and the sincere concern and care you have for moving them on. Next week you will share that with the grade above. Just a reminder these lists are drafts and final lists will not be completed until after registration.

STAR window opens next week. Please let Lisa, Diana and me know if you need support or have any issues during testing.

I added the most recent topic that we discussed in our Math Talk PD below. I plan to revisit these next year to start the year setting classroom norms for math talk.

Good luck to our choir as they perform at the Police Memorial Service on Monday AND to our 5th graders as they visit UTMS on Tuesday.

Thank you Matt for our inspiration pots! Can't wait to see our masterpieces:)

Happy Friday!


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Classroom Discussions in Math: Developing Classroom Norms

blendspace Math Talk -updates with each PD

Step 1: Helping individual students clarify and Share Their Own Thoughts

This week: Step 2: Helping Students Orient to the Thinking of Others

Step 3: Helping Students Deepen Their Own Reasoning

Step 4: Helping Students Engage with the Reasoning of Others

Goal 1: Respectful Discourse

Goal 2: Equitable Participation

Practices to Improve Equitable Participation:

  • Give time to think.

  • Give time to practice.

  • Randomly assign speakers to report out for a group.

  • Encourage students to self-monitor their participation.

“We believe that equitable participation means all students regularly talk about their own ideas and actively respond to each other’s contributions. This does not mean that each student must talk during every lesson or that a discussion must consist of every single student speaking in turn. In fact, this can actually diminish the quality of participation. However, it does mean that the teacher has an obligation to find ways for all students to participate in significant ways on an ongoing basis.”

Our Goal: Thinking, talking, moving, or emotionally involved so that what you teach gets into long-term memory.

Reminders and Important Dates

  • Brief staff meeting Thursday morning with Allison regarding Field Day 8am in Margaret's Room
  • Coach Johnson meets with all boys at 2:45 in the gym Tuesday, we will make an announcement.
  • STAR testing Window OPEN for Math and Reading
  • May 27th morning fitness AR award K/1,2/3,4/5 in Gym

*Remember to turn in the Student Math Talk Starter Card you would prefer and I will make sure you have one for each student.

  • Set up needed parent teacher conferences for at-risk students to prepare for next school year.
  • K-2 Summer School Forms: As they are turned in please send them to the office for tracking.
  • Teach/Model/Instill/Emphasize May's CSL: Self-advocate and Bucket-filling Trait: Confidence
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!