Westing Game

Theo Theodorakis

The Westing Game.

The author of this novel Ellen Raskin has two award winning books "The Westing Game" and Figgs and Phantoms". "The Westing Game" has won a Newberry Medal and "Figgs and Phantoms" claimed the Newberry Honor.

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Theo Theodorakis

Theo Theodorakis is a character in the Westing Game who owns a coffee shop. Theo's internal conflict is that Theo is under pressure with many responsibilities. He is taking care of his brother, who is retarded. He is repairing and maintaining the coffee shop, and keeping up with trying to figure out the clues in the Westing Game (a game where 16 heirs, including Theo, in pairs of two, try to figure out which one of them murdered Sam W. Westing). Theo is very hard working, so he tries to help people find out who the murderer is even if Theo could be the murderer.

Theo Theodorakis
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Key Passage

"The more clues we put together, the better chance we have of finding the murderer and winning the game." p. 65.

I think that this is important because here it shows that Theo wants to be as helpful as possible, and he is very optimistic.

Second Key Passage

Theo says, "I had a long talk with the police, but I refused to tell them who the bomber was." p. 122

I think that this plot part is important because Theo knew who the bomber was, and if Theo knew everybody knew. Later, the next page also shows how Theo is really a good guy by not trying to blackmail Angela.

Theme song describing character.
Ragtime Piano : SCOTT JOPLIN . " The Entertainer " (1902)