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Camp Media is a brief experience for 100 young adults, ages 18-24, three days a week to gain a comprehensive understanding of core elements for media, production, public relations, photography, videography, writing and interviewing. Camp Media gives real life hands on experience in multiple aspects of Broadcast Media. The technology of the equipment is taught with the social skills and interactive experience to make Camp Media fun and educational for students as well as guardians. Invitations should go out to the community broadcasting networks and politicians.


Day one, SOCIAL MEDIA: INTRODUCTION & NETWORKING PARTY - Youth Networking Day. Formal introductions are done by each student and guardian. Instructor introduces herself and grants each student a Media Pass for the Class. Photos are taken for the CAMP CLASS MEDIA BOOKLET. Students group ten times in ten different groups and give a report about the people they met in the class at the end of the day. Students should dress nicely this day like anyone would for a networking event. We introduce Photo Opportunities (Photo Ops).


1. Production & Editing Lab 2. Public Relations Lab 3. Photography Lab 4. Videography Lab 5. Writing & Interviewing Lab 6. Saturdays CAMP Class Media Booklet (Year book format) 7. Media Futures

THE TAKE AWAY A. Internship & Network relationship building B. Basic Comprehension of Broadcasting C. Changing Core Competencies of Broadcasting D. Broadcast Web-show Implementation & Execution E. T.E.A.M (Together Execute A Mission) ________________________________

OVERALL CAMP PROJECT "Be The Change That You Want To SEE In The World" - M.K. Gandhi Push an agenda collectively - FUTURE TECH - S.T.E.M. (Teen Summit of Technology) Teens host and produce this hour long show with all aspects ran by the Camp Media students.


  • INFLUENCERS -Guest Speakers (Photo Op) -CNN Field Trip & On Location Reporting (Photo Op) -"Live From Camp Media" Video Posted to the Website from All Broadcast -Website showcasing all productions & images -Parental Training - Youth Show the Parents How To (Photo Op) -Personal Project Presentation - Show & Tell (Photo Op) -CAMP CLASS MEDIA BOOKLET (Presented at the Award show with trophies to each student and participant) -CAMP MEDIA AWARD SHOW (End of the Class)
  • SPONSORSHIP Location & movable college desk 10 Laptops $400 ea. $4000 10 Cameras $400 ea. $4000 2 Projectors $400 ea. $800 2 Projectors Screens $80 ea. $160 1 Monitor $400 1 Website $500 1 Streaming Network $50 1 Studio Set Up with Minor Decor $3000 100 Supply sets (Pens, Note Pads, Note Books, Black Sharpee Pens $900 200 Media Passes with Lanyards (Student + Guardian) $150 120 CAMP CLASS MEDIA BOOKLETS $800 _______________________________________________________

CAMP MEDIA AWARDS SHOW $1000 decor 210 Media Awards (Student + Guardian) Automation Software $2500 Student: $3.90 ea =$390 or $7.00 ea = $700 Guardian: $3.50 ea = $350 Guest Speakers: Same as guardians 10 Scholarships for Unemployed Parents to position youth $150 each $1500

_________________ CAMP MEDIA GRAND TOTAL $18,000

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