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Everything You Need to Know Hosting an Online Jamberry Party

What is an online Jamberry Party?

A Facebook party is a Facebook group that I create. After it’s all set up, I will send you a message letting you know to add your guests to the party. There will be 2 days to let your guests find the party and look around at the posts that I put up before the guests were added. The following day we will start the party! I’ll start posting videos, games, and more! I'll even post prize opportunities for your guests!

Your Role as a Hostess


Our Party Outline

Day 1: Pre-party

Redeeming Your Hostess Rewards


Your Jamberry Consultant - Christina Leavell

Consultant since: February, 2015.

Favorite thing about Jamberry: I love helping women have pretty nails. Whether I've helped find the solution to their problem with weak, bitten, or chipped nails, it's always enjoyable.

Favorite Jams: Mermaid Tales and Metallic Leopard
Engaged to be married in November, 2015!