Money Town

Nartive-essay Eric Renteria

On a long sunny boring Monday I got a call.I pick up all I said “hello” and all I hear I won 10,000 dollars I was very excited but then they said I have to spend it all in three hour.If I didn’t spend it on three hours they would took everything.I went to the bank really happy and took it all out.I got a ps4 with a controler.Then I went to go get games.The games I got was Fifa 15,Grand Theft Auto 5,and Call of duty Advance Warfare.Then invited Kilisi to play with me Fifa 15 is was Fun.I had won 3-2.

I still had 7,820 left i want to buy soccer cleats at sports authority.I got some indoors too they're both superflys their were black.It cost 237.49 cents just for cleats for the indors are 149 dollars and 49 cents together 386 dollars and 98 cents but is was worth it.I got some black Vans that are 49 dollars and 59 cents and red slip on from Vans that cost 39 dollars and 99 cent together 83 dollars and 59 cent.Now I have only 7,432 dollars left.I want to go buy a mortal cylcle.It was 4,432 dollars now I got only 3,000 dollars.Then I got some beats studio which cost 300.00.

I got a San Diego Charger power era hat that cost 35 dollars and a mitchell and ness hats bright orange which is 18 dollars.2647 dollars left then I got a leather couch for 1,650 now I have 997 dollars.I got real madrid shirt 15 dollars.Then I got a chivas shirts that was 11 dollars.Then i got a chargers shirt that was 13. Now I have 954 dollars and 59 minutes remaining.

I went back to the house and I dropped 400 dollars.I went to buy 4 pairs of beats for my four nefus.I knew I had 954 dollars they told me I needed to pay 649 dollars for the four beats but I was 95 dollars short I got three only I got home found my 400 dollars.I got this beats i got a bag for two dollars I arrived to the house gave the gives and I had 182 dollars left I got them 45 dollars and 50 cent to each four just 2 second left I gave them the money.

They came and congratulations you beat the challenge.They put everything on live t.v. I told them my three hours how I spend it on.They told if would lose they would have to take everything I spend it on.That was a great day and a hurry.
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