Elementary Sessions at FMEA 2019

You don't want to miss these fabulous presenters!

From Pre-Conference to Saturday at noon, the schedule is packed with sessions for you!

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FEMEA Adjudicator Trainings--New this Year!

We are offering for the first time ever, FEMEA adjudicator trainings for Chorus Judges and for Orff Judges. Training as an adjudicator is probably the best way you can improve the preparation of your students. Come over early on Wednesday, January 9th. You will have time to attend Pre-Conference sessions and the training. Chorus training starts at 1:45 pm ending at 3:15 pm and Orff Ensemble training starts 3:30 pm ending at 5:00 pm.

All-State Audition Tips for Success

Attend our new session for tips for All-State Audition success. We have a panel of teachers who have tried and true methods to help your students have greater success.

But wait....there's more!

FEMEA presents "Curriculum Fair: Featured Lessons and Projects from Florida Classrooms"

Lisa Langston and Josh Brink: "Growing Your Ukulele Garden"

Arnekua Jackson: "On the Shelf - African American Picture Books for the Music Classroom"

...and more! What are you doing? Go register for FMEA 2019 Artistry: Teaching and Performing

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