Fifth Grade Newsletter

October 30, 2015


Fifth grade has conducted research online about the poem The Tyger by William Blake. We’ve learned about sharing Google docs and started writing a fantasy map story for Social Studies.

Holiday Concert

Friday, Dec. 18th, 11am

Lannert Gym

The concert theme is "Peace, Love and Joy."

Physical Education

The fifth grade Physical Education classes are working hard. The have finished units in Pickleball, field hockey and soccer. We have started our fitness development before going into a fitness assessment week. We discussed the four fitness components: cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. We then had activities that corresponded to each of the components. The students are participating with excitement and enthusiasm and set individual challenge goals for themselves. We will begin units in badminton, volleyball and basketball next.

Language Arts

Fifth graders explored the world of Rob Horton and Sistine in The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. Students met in small groups to share responses from comprehension questions. They collaborated to find excerpts within the book to support their answers. Students enjoyed group activities in which they compared and contrasted characters in the book while creating their own graphic organizers. Venn Diagrams, Characters Maps as well as notes and responses to comprehension questions were used to write Compare/Contrast Essays at the end of the unit. Students connected the character Sistine, named after the Sistine Chapel, in Art class. They studied Michelangelo and the conditions under which he created the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. Students created a piece of artwork under similar conditions, although they decided, his conditions were much, much worse. Now that they have learned more about book analysis, we are looking forward to our next book, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli.
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Fifth graders are busy exploring angles and measurement! They are making connections, applying new knowledge, and building their math vocabulary! Ask your fifth grader about supplementary angles and vertical angles! Additionally, the math binders are filling up with interactive notebook pages, mathbox quizzes, and practice and enrichment activities. Math Mornings are great way to start the day! Once a week, at 7:20, students can get extra support or homework help. Each Monday the Math Morning date is posted and they take place on either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the week.

Social Studies

Can my country be a peaceful anarchy?

Can my island not be surrounded by water?

Can my volcano spew nacho cheese?

Can I be a dictator but a nice one?

Does my island's religion have to be invented or can I use my family's religion?

These are among the multitude of questions being asked in social studies these days as we wind up our Fantasy Map project. Students were asked to illustrate 20 landforms. organize a government, and write a creative story. Each map is a reflection of your child's imagination and ability to follow a rubric.

In November the children will visit a refugee school, have lessons on Native Americans vs. early Europeans, and start memorizing states, capitals and postal abbreviations.


What is going on in Spanish class in October?

At the end of this month 5th grade will be able to:

· Describe weather conditions.

· Identify the seasons and compare weather in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

· Ask and answer questions like: How is the weather?

Cultural connections: Reversed seasons in the North and Southern Hemispheres.

Oral Assessment: Role play,conversation in class,talking on the phone like a native Spanish speaker

Scenario: A new Spanish-speaking student comes to your school from Chile and you meet him and you want to know: How is the weather in Chile? What is the season?

Project: Students will make a PowerPoint or poster presentation with pictures that represent the seasons and months of the year. How is the weather ? What cloths do you wear in each season?

Science Rules!

In conjunction with the popular fantasy maps created in social studies, science students learned how to read and make a topographic map and then create a profile map. So if you are planning a mountain hiking trip you now has a house expert to guide you! This year’s fifth graders are such a delightful group to take on field trips. Last week we visited the Islamic Mosque where our student’s questions and manners were outstanding. We then headed to the Parklands where the students experienced a program on biodiversity. We had perfect weather for our students to explore the creek beds and discover all kind of small water and land creatures and plants, not to mention coal samples and a multitude of fossils. We were treated to a lab that included learning stations of fun educational experiences, from dissecting owl pellets, to identifying fish specimens, comparing and contrasting animal pellets, fossils, and mussel shells, experiencing what prey see and how blubber insulates animals, to creating model of animal tracks. Ms Amy Eichorn, our instructor from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, joined us and will helping to do a follow up activity on animal tracking that will be submitted as a pilot project to Project Wild. Next up is one of fifth graders’ favorite science projects. Students will team up to conduct research on a variety of natural disasters, create a Google slide show, and create a related model and in order make a presentation to their classmates.

School Counselor Corner

The 5th grade has been engaged and working hard in our weekly Cornerstone groups. We met together by homerooms for a lesson in Personal Space and Boundaries. We defined and discussed appropriate personal space in different situations at school using a hula hoop as a visual support. The students identified ways to relate to and understand one another's feelings by reading facial expressions and body language. Student's participated in an awareness activity in which they defined personal boundaries with others depending on their relationships with them (i.e. member of their family, school community, or community outside of school). We also defined and discussed harassment using examples and non-examples. In small groups, we have been working on a book series that highlights bullying behaviors and the roles that different people take in these situations. We have read about the perspective of the target, bully, bystander and upstander. We have role played and practiced using effective strategies and words to stand up for yourself and others. The 5th graders continue to amaze me with their insight and thoughtful participation in our groups.