Hatred and Bigotry

Bert Bochove and Anne Frank fight against the injustice.

Introduction- Introduce the theme and that you will be linking it to the story and to your person.

Hatred and Bigotry is a major theme in The Diary of Anne Frank.

· What do you think accounts for hatred and bigotry? What can we do—as individuals and groups—to overcome prejudice?

· Throughout her two years in hiding, Anne wrestles with the question of “goodness.” In what contrasting ways do her parents, her sister, and Peter van Daan define and exemplify goodness and virtue?

· As Anne considers the concepts of good and evil what conclusions does she express?

· How does her conception of goodness and evil evolve during the course of her diary? Do you agree or disagree with Anne?

Use text evidence! CITE TEXT

Bert Bochove rescued people from the hatred and bigotry of the Nazis.

Who was he?

What did he do?

Why do we remember him?

How did he embody the theme that you chose?

Use text evidence. Cite text. Remember that "word for word" must be in quotes.

Hatred and bigotry is a theme that is relevant to my life.

How is this a big idea that is relevant to YOUR life and why do we remember people like Bert Berchove?
You can give examples from home, school, or the world around you?

You should have at least TWO of the following:

*Personal connection/anecdote

*Connect to media

*Current event