Gregor Mendal

by: Katie Trimble

Birth Date and Death Date

Gregor was born in July 20,1822 and he died in January 6,1884.

childhood of Gregor

Gregor went to University of Vienna. Gregor did not get married. In 1856, he again failed to qualify formally as a high school teacher because he had a illness prevented him from completing the exams. In the same year he began his major, ground breaking study of heredity in plants. Two years later after completing his studies, he returned to the Monastery in 1854 and took a position as a physics teacher at a school at Brunn where he taught for the next 16 years.

What Gregor is famous for

He was famouse for father of modern gentics

fun facts about Gregor

  • Gregor Mendel died on January 6, 1884 due to chronic nephritis.
  • His father was a peasant farmer.
  • Grgor also conducted his experiments on animals, he observed the mating behavior of several animals that lived in the monastery and the resultant characteristic traits that were passed on to the offsprings