Distance Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced quick-change throughout our state and country as evidenced by the closing of schools. This has prompted our educational system to quickly change as well. However, it is our goal at Rockford Public Schools to ensure that education continues for our students at the highest level possible. To achieve this, we will continue to think innovatively as we all adapt to distance learning.

As we move forward into the school year, instruction at a distance will be provided to all students using a variety of methods that meet individual needs, including printed materials, phone contact, email, virtual learning, or a combination. Our Special Services team will partner with families and students to develop plans for distance learning that are individualized and meet the needs of students.

Instruction will be delivered to all students, including students with disabilities. Direct and consultative services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and social work will continue to be provided to students using methods that are individualized for family and student.

RPS Website for Social-Emotional Learning

Special Education Supports and Services

Special Education providers will be working directly with families and students regarding supports and services during Distance Learning.

Parent Letter

Individualized Education Programs(IEPs)

Annual Individualized Education Programs(IEPs) will continue to be held online, either by telephone conference or video conference when parents/guardians agree with and are able to participate in this alternative mode of IEP meeting.

Special Education Evaluations

Due to the COVID-19 School Closure, it will be necessary to extend timelines for many special education evaluations as assessments with students cannot be performed in the virtual setting at this time. Special education providers will work directly with parents to determine if three-year reevaluations can be completed or if evaluations will need to take place once school resumes.

Contingency Learning Plans

As we navigate through remote learning for our students with disabilities, we will utilize innovative ways to implement the IEP in the remote learning setting. In light of our current circumstances, there may be situations in which the IEP cannot be fully implemented in the remote learning setting. If this occurs, Contingency Learning Plans will be developed and implemented for students during the school closure. The Contingency Learning Plan will be created through the collaboration between parent, student, and special education provider.

Michigan Department of Education Office of Special Education- Family Matters

MDE has created a fact sheet for families that provides families with information and resources as they support their child's education at home.

Navigating Extended Time Away From School: Information for Families With Children Receiving Special Education Services