LyXharia Rogers

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Lazy vs Strong

Do you have a spoiled son who does nothing but sit on the couch all day? Do you want him to get off your couch and go into the army and become strong? Well move to Sparta!! Here we turn boys into men. Boys come in dumb but come out as a very skillful man. Here it's not just about serving your country it's also about that education. It's a two in one deal. What a good way to help save a country.

Women Are Taking Over

Women are you tired of being told what to do and how to do it? Well I think you have found the right place. Here we make women feel strong. We put the world in your hand; you are in control of it. Husbands will be gone for years you have all the power in your and until he turns which will be years. When you come you will be taught hoe to run, jump and kill if needed. If you go be an Athens all you will be able to do to is grieve over and over when you come here and be mighty and strong.