Ms. Reed's Super Students

Week of Dec. 7tth- Dec. 11th

Quick Announcements! **

  1. Spelling- is in a new place on the website! It will be updated weekly still but we just wanted to make it in a place that was easier to find!
  2. Book Fair is over tomorrow (Friday!) at 12:45 so if you haven't gotten a chance to come, lunch tomorrow is the last chance! :)
  3. Guided Reading-please encourage your child to read their guided reading book BEFORE reading their independent reading books on Mondays to ensure they have some knowledge of the text to allow them full participation in the lessons.
  4. Hour of Code- Here is the link if you would like to see how second graders were learning about computer coding this week. These activities could be used at home if you wish.

  5. Correct and Return-This is a new policy I am trying out. If there is an example of student work that they have not completed correctly and have received a failing grade on- I will be sending it home with the other papers but it will say "correct and return" if this is done their grade will be corrected to a 70. This is to ensure you are aware of their work and are getting an opportunity to help them.
    *****I will still be pulling them to my back table to reteach the subject they are struggling with.

This week we learned alot!

Math- This week we have been focusing really hard on multi-step story problems, as well as reviewing graphs, in preparation for the upcoming CBA next week. We also went to the computer labs for Hour of Coding! Ms Reed even jumped on the table and we used our chairs as our desks while we sat on the floor! Sometimes it takes a little crazy-ness to get the boring stuff done! :)

Reading- We have started another author study to help us focus on plot and setting as well as other literary elements to aid our comprehension. We have been reading Tomie Depaola books on the iPads!

Writing- We have introduced persuasive style writing and identified examples of media using similar styles. We have picked topics and started a story with a topic of our own choice to convince our reader of something.

**Grammar Talks- Our focus was writing a complete sentence with a capital, noun, verb, punctuation and sometimes adjectives.

Science- We have been reviewing and started our science CBA over safe practices, magnets and forces. The test was on Wednesday and we reflected on Thursday.

Social Studies- We are discussing historical figures and their important contributions made to our country!

Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Dec. 11th, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Celebrate Carroll (last week!)

Next Week Overview

In reading and writing will be combined next week. We will be reading about holiday traditions around the world, making a craft to go with it and then writing a procedural text about the game or craft.

In math the students will take the 2nd CBA [curriculum based assessment] to track the progress they’ve made in mastering the 2nd grade math skills.

Our science lessons will prompt the boys and girls to learn about scientists and their role in our society.

On Monday, our social studies lesson will be about symbols that represent our country and what those symbols stand for: freedom, individuality, and inventiveness.

Classroom Holiday Parties!

Friday, Dec. 18th, 1:30-2:30pm

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

You will need to sign in the office as well as sign your student out if you decide to leave after the party, before the bell rings!

This Week...

iPads for Read-Alouds! A new way to love Tomie DePaola!

Still time to join PTA! (any relative can be a member!)

The contest is still going on! The class with the most family members to join wins! Anyone and everyone can join! Last year our PTA had 100% participation school wide! To celebrate that we even received state recognition for achieving it last year!

Contact Info!

Feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The best ways are through email, class Dojo (messages work similar to texts), and be sure to check out our Instagram page!