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March 20, 2016

Quote of the Week

"Big shots are only the little shots who keep shooting." Author Unknown

Weekly Update By: Aidan

Discovery Quest presentations will be starting on Monday. We will be graded on a score out of 40 on content, presentation, preparation, and more. You should practice this weekend, to make sure you have what you want to say. We will have visitors from other classrooms watching!

Artwork by Sebastian Fries

From the Teacher

March 22nd-4th grade Music Performance at 6:30pm

MOSAIC Book Club-March 29th Pick up at 4:30

Spring Break-April 1-April 10

The students had a great time at the Kindness Retreat. They enjoyed their time with the other 4th graders and they enjoyed all of the activities. Ask your child about the Kindness Boomerang.

This week we will have Discovery Quest presentations. I am excited to hear about all of the presentations on famous Americans.

Student of the Week: Sebastian Fries

The student of the week is Sebastian!

Q: What is an act of trustworthiness you have shown this week?

A: "I kept someone's secret"

Q: How do you like the newspaper?

A: "I love drawing and I think it's awesome!"

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: "Blue"

Q: What was your favorite pat of the field trip?

A: "When we did the "Soul train"

Q: What is one place you have traveled in your life?

A: "Florida"

By: Bella Andrews

Global Events By: Rohil

Primaries update

Rubio dropped out of the primaries on Tuesday after losing Florida. Kasich won Ohio, which is winner-takes-all state taking Kasich to 143 delegates. Trump is maintaining the lead and now a little over half way through to win the nomination. Trump needs 559 more delegates out of 1049 available to win. On the democratic side, Hillary Clinton improved her lead against Sanders and only needs 769 more delegates out of 2295 available to win the democratic nomination.

Brazil scandal overshadows Rio Olympics

At a time when Brazil should be preparing intensely for Rio Olympics in August, the whole nation is consumed in a political scandal. More than million people took out on the streets and are calling for president Rousseff’s resignation. The scandal started when current president appointed a former president, Lula, as her cabinet minister. Lula is facing a lot of corruption charges and people don’t like him.


Curiosity is part rover/part laboratory;To fit all the equipment the curiosity became as big as a car.

Curiosity was sent to drill small holes in rocks to test the composition .

Like NASA's twin Mars rovers that landed on the red planet in early 2004, the Mars Science Laboratory rover was tucked inside a tightly packaged cruise stage and aeroshell with a heat shield. Unlike the two Mars Exploration Rovers, the Mars Science Laboratory Rover extended its wheels similar to the way an airplane unfolds its landing gear just before touchdown.


If you need advice about something, please contact Anjali.

Photo of the Week by: Anna

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If you could go to Mars for a small trip... By: Nikhil

Going to Mars is something we have dreamed of and scientists think it is possible.The disadvantages though of going to Mars is one, it would cost a LOTTTTT of money two, it would take 162 days at the least and in that time a lot of stuff can go wrong three, the spacecraft would have to be huge to hold all that fuel and four we don't know if Mars can harm people's health.Well guess what, scientists have found a solution to get somebody to Mars in 3 days! Using something called photon repulsion the photons from laser beams and the sun can hit a spacecraft and can then be split to create a little energy to move the spacecraft.The defects in this are we would have to set a very powerful and focused (much more focused than the sun) laser beam to orbit all around earth so that the laser beam can power the spacecraft from anywhere around the earth.The advantage of using photon repulsion instead of chemical repulsion (the process of burning energy to propel a spacecraft forward) is that the spacecraft doesn't have to carry any fuel and that the farther away the laser beam orbits something the more powerful it is so we can travel farther through space more efficiently and effectively than closer.Hooray! Jet Repulsion.

Finding the Moon By: Avanthikha


The alien kept staring at me open wided. A moment later, a beautiful name came out of his mouth. “Starslock. My name is Starslock.” What's yours?” I couldn't believe the alien spoke English. I thought he would say some that I never heard of. I guess he is bilingual, like me. “Avanthikhashree is my name,thank you.” Starslock opened his mouth again.” Is it Avathanika or Avashrekhai?” “Please, call me Avanthi!” I laughed and said. “May I call you Avanthi or shree?” “Sure. Call me anything you want Starslock.” I had never had a good friend before and I think my life will be a lot more happier with Starslock. This was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Interview of Mrs. Dayton By: Mary

This week, I interviewed Mrs. Dayton.

Q: What is something interesting that you have taught this week?

A: We are learning about the stock market and students are investing in different companies online with The Stock Market Game. They have $100,000 to invest in different companies.

Q: Why do you think this is interesting?

A: I think the stock market is interesting because the students get to learn about the planning, and they also get to learn about how to develop a portfolio for investments, they learn how to come to a consensus as a team, and they learn how the stock market reflects our economy.

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach?

A: I like to integrate social studies and literacy.

Q: Why is this subject your favorite subject to teach?

A: Well, I like to teach through historical fiction books, and I also like to have discussions about how we can learn from the past.

Read Aloud Round Up By: Brian and Cameron

We are reading “Save Me a Seat” it too is a dual narrative by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan.

Monday: Chicken Fingers

Ravi: He moved to New Jersey from India on May 13. He started a new school called Albert Einstein Elementary.

Joe: He has lived in New Jersey his whole life. He is really tall and he loves to eat. This is his first day at school.

Ravi: Ravi goes to school for the first time at Albert Einstein Elementary, he meets a boy called Dillon Samreen and hopes he will be his friend.

Joe: He tries not to be noticed when he sees Dillon (Dillon is very mean). When he sits down he notices the new kid.

Tuesday: Burgers

Ravi: A kid he doesn't know who, comes to sit behind Ravi, and then he notices his name is Joe Sylvester.

Joe: Mrs. Beam called on him to answer a question, luckily Ms. Frost came. So he went with Ravi and Ms. Frost. He thought “ I could kiss Ms. Frost.”

Ravi: He went to Ms. Beam’s office with Joe. Joe really likes blue M&M’s. Ms. Frost and Ravi talked about how he needs to work on his accent.

Joe: After Ravi and Ms. Beam talked Ravi walked away with a double blue M&M!

Ravi: At lunch he came and sat by Dillon, for the first time Ravi realizes that Dillon is mean.

Joe: He saw his mom at lunch and he was really annoyed that his mom didn't tell him about it.

Wednesday: Chili

Ravi: He had gym and they played baseball. It is kinda like cricket which they play in India, and he was good at it.

Joe: In gym I was picked last in baseball, I was with Dillon so I wasn't happy at all. He struck out.

Ravi: When it was his turn to hit he had two strikes, three balls. Dillon pitched right at his face.

Joe: Coach Victorine called game so he got lucky because if he didn't Dillon would smack him in the face.

Ravi: He went to the nurse to see if anything happened, he had a really big bruise but nothing that really is bad.

Joe: Dillon was picking on him and saying “you got lucky”. He was thinking about how Dillon did it on purpose.

Sports by: Shaun and Aden


March 14th: Timberwolves vs. Suns.­ L 104-­107

March 16th: Timberwolves vs. Grizzlies. ­W 114-­108


March 12th: Wild vs. Canadiens.­ W 4-­1

March 15th: Wild vs. Senators. ­ L 2­3 March 17th: Wild vs. Devils. ­ L 7-­4


In the Minnesota boys high school basketball championship Hopkins beat Lakeville North 64­55. The NCAA tournament starts Thursday, March 17th, 64 teams start and in three weeks the champion will be crowned. Some of the favorites are Kansas, Michigan State, Oregon, North Carolina, and Maryland. The Minnesota Wild have one month left in the season are fighting for a playoff spot.

Book of the Week Feature By: Sasha Allen

The book of the week is Look Out For the Fitzgerald-Trouts by Esta Spalding. Meet the Fitzgerald-Trouts, a group of four children living together in a lush tropical island. They take care of themselves because their mothers are always “terribly busy”. They sleep in their car, eat fish they catch and fruit they pick, and can drive anywhere they need to go--to the school, the laundromat, or even the drive-in to go watch a movie. But what they want most- a real home.

Vocabulary Word of the Week By: Elliot

Metabolism (Noun)-the chemical process that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Used in a sentence “The man’s lightning fast metabolism allowed great speed and strength”.

Poem of the Week By: Sasha K.

I had a dog named Penny,

And she would never budge,

When I tried to move her away from things,

She only came when I had fudge.

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Weekly Fashion Tip By: Joe and James

Do you ever want to hide your face?

Well now you don't need to worry. The back sweat is here. All you have to do is flip your sweatshirt around. And then you can hide your face in the hood.

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