Harmful Tabacco Breaking News

By: Desirae parker

The dangers of Tobacco

Tobacco is very harmful in many ways, I will tell you about it! Tobacco can kill you and it will harm you like for example Nicotine will increase your heart rate and makes the blood vessels to become narrow. Nicotine is a main source that can kill you, like you can get a heart attack or stroke and if your not lucky it can kill you. The other way that tobacco can kill you is by lung cancer. Tar is caused by when tobacco burns and then it cotes the lungs and will make it very hard to breath. Concluding lungs, emphysema, emphysema is when the tiny air sacs in your lungs that looses there ability to stretch. Nicotine is a killing machine! it is an addictive or habit forming drug found in tobacco.

2 Mental and Emotional consequences

1. Will feel sick all the time

2. it might make them feel like they need it 24-7

Tobacco 101

4 social consequences

1. Family might think your a bad influence

2. Other people might think you trying to get them to smoke

3. People might be afraid they will get 2-hand smoke

4. They might smell like smoke and people will think you smell bad

4 physical consequences

1. Can feel sick all the time

2. Will feel out of breath

3. Wont feel like doing anything like exercise

4. Probably wont eat that much because of smoking


please stop smoking!